Can you really love God with all of your heart? This study has the answer.


Preparation Spine (MS Publisher)

Chart Timeline
Decline of a Civilization
MAP: Divided Kingdom of Israel

Lesson One
Chart- God is Faithful...Persevere to the End
Kay Lecture: Finishing Well
Pete Lecture: War & Peace

Lesson Two
1 Kings 17-22, powerpoint
Chart - The Word of the Lord: How Long Will You Hesitate?
Elijahs Prayer
The Canaanite Pantheon
Video: Ba'al Worship in Rabbi Daniel Lapin (5 parts)
Kay Lecture: Clash of King & Prophet
Pete Lecture: Opposites Attract

Lesson Three

16 D's of Discouragement
Chart- Spiritual Warfare...Guard Your Heart
Cross Reference of Elijah's Travels
Cross Reference Levitical Laws of Real Estate
Valley of Jezreel (Map)

Kay Lecture:Making It Through the Valleys
Pete Lecture: Elijah & Ahab


Lesson Four

Chart- A Heart That Will Stand Alone
Course Review
Course Review - Filled
The Loneliness of the Christian
True Prophets Rejected
Cross Reference Like Miciah Stand Alone
Kay Lecture: As the Lord Lives
Pete Lecture: Ahab & Jehosophat

Lesson Five
Armor (MsPublisher)
Chart- A Heart That Will Not Waver
Elijah Comes Again
Kay Lecture: How Does God Support Those Whose Hearts are Fully His?
Pete Lecture: The God of Elijah


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