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Preparation   All Files in ZIP format
KP4 - Spine (MS Publisher)
The Hebrew Bookshelf
Studyng Prophecy

Lesson One
Chart - History of Edom
MAP - Enemies
Hymn - When I Survey
Lecture Notes-Kay
(Kay): Where Will You Be on Day of the LORD?

Lesson One
JOEL               (1)
Natural Disasters
In That Day

x-ref - God's Judgments
x-ref - Offerings, Sackcloth, Solemn Assembly
Day of the LORD, etc
Natural Disasters
Hymn - Crown Him with Many Crowns
Hymn - Sweet Hour of Prayer
(Kay): Discovering the Years the Locusts Have Eaten

    1 Locusts
2 Locusts
3 Locusts
4 Locusts
5 Locusts
Locusts - Cancun

Lesson Two
JOEL           (2:1-27)
Sound the Alarm

  x-ref-Trumpets, Fasting
Jewish Calendar
True Repentance
Hymn - Blow Trumpet in Zion
Hymn - Sound the Alarm Crosby
(Pete): Fasting For God
Video Teaching: Ray Bentley, Epicenter Conference- Jerusalem, 2011

Lesson Three
JOEL     (2:28-3:21)
He's Coming!
  x-ref- Promise of God's Spirit - Prepare a War
MAP-200 Mile March
Hymn - Crown Him
Hymn - Battle Hymn of the Republic
(Kay): The Spirit Before the Day of the LORD
Video Teaching: Kay Arthur, Epicenter Conference- Jerusalem, 2011
                               (How to Combat Fears in Midst of Chaos-2 Chronicles 20)



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