A lesson you cannot
afford to ignore.
Find out what happened to Israel when God gave them
the choice to obey!


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Lesson One
The Setting
(Kay Notes): The Anarchy of Pride

Lesson Two
Leaning on Flesh?

Merged Scriptures
Isaiah- Messianic Prophecies
(Kay Notes): Questions to Ask in Difficult Times


Picture: Altars Lavers
Picture: Ahaz' Many Gods
Picture: Wake Up America

Jeremiah-Bear Fruit?
MAP - Assyrian Power
Quote of the Month :)

Lesson Three
Cleaning House!
  Merged Scriptures
(Kay Notes): What Brings Revival?

Lesson Four
Handling Life-
        Under Seige!
  Merged Scriptures
MAPS: Under Seige
MAP: Jerusalem Surrounded
Poem - Destruction of Sennacherib
Video (9 min): King Hezekiah's Bula (seal) Found in Jerusalem & Story
(Kay Notes): The Path of Pride That Leads to Captivity


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