Should you be afraid?
Discover for yourself when and why God’s anger burns against people and nations..



10 Commandents (Powerpoint)
The World Speaks More about Hell than the Church

Lesson One

Anger - Summary Chart
Cross Reference - Lesson One
Wordplays - Locations
(Pete) Woe to Those who Shun Dignity
(Kay): Where's God when Calamity Comes?
(Kay) Lecture Listening Guide

    End Near Repent Sign
Paul Washer Project, short sermon collage
Shekinah Glory in Temple, picture
Taunt, picture

Lesson Two

11 Reason to Teach Biblical Doctrine - Short Version
Cross Reference
False vs True Leaders
(Kay): But As for Me...
(Pete) This is No God Like Jehovah

    UN Sculpture-Beat Swords into Plowshares

Lesson Three

Atonement Chart
Cross Reference - Lesson Three
(Kay) Lecture Notes
(Kay): The Crown Jewel of Truth
(Pete) God is Opposed to the Proud
Reconcilliation picture
Hymn- Rock of Ages

Yom Kippur (Powerpoint)

Lesson Four   Chart
Cross Reference - Lesson Four
Homework - Interview Practium
Hymn - Our God Reigns
(Kay): When God Rescues the Remnant
(Pete) No Peace for the Wicked
  Ishtar Lioness (Picture)
Nineveh - Bardot (Picture)
No One Can Defeat Us (Picture)

Lesson Five
Memorize Hab 3
Cross Reference

(Pete): A Tale of Two Cities
    Babylon - Past and Future

Lesson Six   Chart
Cross Reference
Review Minor Prophets
(Kay): Understanding the Anger of God
(Pete) In Wrath, Remember Mercy
Hymn- Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus



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