Living Out a Biblical Worldview

Threatened with death,
Daniel stuck to his guns
and refused to adopt a pagan lifestyle.
His worldview had God at the center
and he lived it out even under extreme pressure to change. Learn to adopt a biblical worldview and adhere to it even when it's not the norm.



Old Testament Bookshelf

Lesson One           (1-6)
Overview, I

No Cross-References Required in this Lesson
Timeline: DANIEL: The Setting
Family Tree: The Last 5 Kings of Judah

(Kay): Studying the Very Words of God
(Wayne): My God is an Awesome God

Lesson Two           (7-12)
Overview, II

No Cross-References Required in this Lesson
Timeline: Same as Lesson 1
PowerPoint: DANIEL, The Overview (MS ppt)

(Kay): Allegiance to the King
(Wayne): God, The Conductor of History

Lesson Three                (1)
Daniel Goes to Babylon

Chart: Judah Humbled, Daniel Exalted
The Fellowship of the Unashamed

(Kay): What Happens to Worldview when World Changes
(Wayne): Will You Please Make Up Your Mind?
Psalm 137: Wept Near Rivers of Babylon    .ppt

Lesson Four                  (2)
The King's Dream:
Statue & Stone

Chart: The Statue & The Stone
Chart: Roman Empire History & Current Events

(Kay): O God, When Is Your Kingdom Coming?
(Wayne): Never Fear, History Has Already Been Written

Lesson Five                   (3)
Will You Bow or Burn?

Chart: Idolatry
Worship Defined
(Kay): Let It Be Known
(Wayne): The Influence of Godliness

Lesson Six                     (4)
God Humbles Nebuchadnezzar

Chart: The Sovereignty of God, Responding to Trials
Babylon, The Great City
How to Pray for the Prideful: Psalm 83
(Wayne): The Truth About Our Circumstances...SAME AS.. The Testimony of a Broken King

Lesson Seven               (5)
Handwriting on the Wall

Chart: Pride Goes Before Destruction
Historical Background: Nebuchadnezzar's Family Tree
Maps: Cyrus' Invasion
(Kay): Who, What are You Toasting with Your Vessel?
(Wayne): Some People Never Learn

Lesson Eight                 (6)
Daniel in Lion's Den

Map: Medo-Persian Empire
Historical Background: Cyrus Family Tree
Story: Cyrus Should Have Died
Psalm 57: Integrity in Midst of Lions
Video: Significance of Cyrus to America (11 min)
Music Video: I've Got a Right to Pray (Crabb Family)
(Wayne): Are You Incorruptible?
SAME AS... Characteristices of a Man Who Would Not Be Moved


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