Then You Will Know
That I am LORD

God appointed Ezekiel
as a watchman
to warn his people
of coming judgment.
Seeing visions
and performing signs,
he called individuals
to turn from wickedness
to righteousness
because God
takes no pleasure
in the death of the wicked.
How does this message
of Ezekiel apply to you?
Are you grieved about the sin everywhere you look?
Do you long for justice? 



Spine for Binder     PDF
Overview Sketches: Ezekiel in Pictures, Mark Barry
Commentaries: Precept Austin
                             Tom Constable
Leader Plan: Ezekiel, Pt 1                                 
Orientation Chart: Historical Setting
Audio: Orientation Class Discussion
            (skip to 9:00 min mark to begin discussion)
Ezekiel for Kids

Lesson One                                (1-3)
The LORD Calls Ezekiel

Chart: Terrifying Glory
Audio: Class Discussion
Handout: Four Faces
Computer Animation: 4 Living Creatures (2 min)
The Watchman, by Horatius Bonar, Scottish pastor 1880's
Handout: Watchman, Be Not Dismayed

(Kay Notes): Ezekiel's Commission and Yours!    
(David A): Speak My Words, Watchman-Warn My People!
Old Time Gospel Music: Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
                                                                                by The Charioteers

Lesson Two                                 (4-7)
JUDGMENT : Destruction is ComingEZK bread

Chart: Terrifying Wrath
Sculpture: Ezekiel, Sign of the Coming Seige
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay Notes) Be sure, Your Sins will Find You Out
(David A) What Does It Really Mean to Know God?

Lesson Three                            (8-11)
JUDGMENT : The Glory Departs

Scribe History: Line of Shaphan
Chart: Terrifying Absence
PowerPoint: ICHABOD: The Glory Has Departed!
Audio: Class Discussion (using PowerPoint lesson)
Sigh & Groan: Psalm 74
Video: Fire Tornado
(Kay Notes) Are You Lonely for God?
(David A) How Single-Minded Is Your Focus, Your Worship?

Lesson Four            (12-14)
DENIAL of Judgment- 1

Chart: At A Glance
"Cross Our Fingers"
Audio: Class Discussion
Music: Rivers of Babylon (Ps 137)  by Lamb

(Kay Notes) Are YOU Ready for What's Coming?
(David A) God's Word: The Revelation of Himself

Lesson Five            (15-16)
DENIAL of Judgment- 2

Chart: "God Won't Judge US!"
Audio: Class Discussion
Chart: Jerusalem's Historical Periods
Word Study: Remember vs. Forget   by Lois Tverberg
VIDEO-History of Jerusalem: Pt 1  Pt 2  Pt 3   Pt 4  Pt 5  Pt 6
                                             Pt 7  Pt 8  Pt 9  Pt 10  Pt 11  Pt 12
Music: The Way We Were      Barbara Steisand
(Kay Notes) What Does God Expect From His Own?
(David A)  What Can Handle These Rebellious People?

Lesson Six              (17-19)
DENIAL of Judgment- 3


Chart: " Smarter than God?"
Audio: Class Discussion
(David A. Notes) No excuses, No Explanations Just Do It Right!
(Kay) [No Lecture]

Lesson Seven         (20-21)
Israel's Spiritual History & Future



Chart: I SHALL Be King Over You!
List: Then You Will Know That.....
Audio: Class Discussion

(Kay Notes) I WILL Be King Over You
(David A) Are You Seeking God for God,
            or Are You Just Shopping Around for Another God?

Lesson Eight           (22-24)
Lewdness MUST be Judged

Photoshop: America's Coming Storm
Chart: God's FINAL Word on Judging Jerusalem
Audio: Class Discussion

(Kay Notes) A Man to Build Up the Wall & Stand in the Gap
(David A) The Pot is Boiling Over-- Who Will Stand in the Gap?

Lesson Nine          (25-28)
JUDGMENT on the Neighbors


Family Tree: Cousins in the Middle East
Photos: Tyre
Picture: Merchant Ships of Tyre
Map: You Will Know That I Am LORD
Timeline: Judah's History with Her Neighbors
Chart: God's Future Plan for Judah's Neighbors
Audio: Class Discussion
Homework: Course Review

(Kay Notes) The Colossal Lie...The Disastrous Deception
(David A) Time Up. Game Over. God's Justice for His People

Lesson Ten             (29-32)

Timeline: Don't Depend on Egypt!
Map: Ancient Super-Powers
Audio: Class Discussion

(Kay Notes)  Are You Leaning on a Reed?
(David A)  Where is Your Confidence? In a Reed or the LORD?



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