When My Sanctuary
is in Their Midst

The watchman
speaks hope from the Lord.

God will seek the lost,
bring back the scattered,
bind up the broken
and strengthen the sick.

He will set over them
one Shepherd
and He will feed them Himself.
Then they will know
that He is the Lord
and they are His people. 


Am RUINED by the glory
of the Millennial Kingdom!!
Starved for His continual glory
among the nations...
Wake UP from the dead
you that are dead in sin
to an eternal weight of glory
that the King of Glory may come in!

-- the rantings of an Ezekiel graduate!!



Spine for Binder (PDF)
Precept Austin: Commentaries on Ezekiel
Commentary: Tom Constable's Notes
ART in Ezekiel
The Messianic Temple by Chaim Chlofene
Leader Plan: Ezekiel 2
Video: Life in Exile                           by Mark Lanier

Lesson One                  (33-34)

Chart: Repent & Live!
Chart: God's Forever Covenants
Chart: Covenant of Peace (structured)
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay Notes) For Want of a Watchman, a Shepherd
(David Notes) Repentance Leads to Life

Lesson Two                    (35-36)

Chart: Covenant of Peace-Pt 1
Chart: Is God Finished with Israel?
T-Shirt: What? No Edom?
Viewpoint: Messianic Judism vs. Christianity
Chart: Law of God...Irrelevant OR Important today?
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay Notes) An End is Coming. What Will it be Like?
(David Notes) God's Method of Rescue
Video:  Who is Like Our God?          by Mark Lanier

Lesson Three                    (37)

Video: Ezekiel 37, dramatized
Chart: Can These Bones Live?
Chart: Timeline & Feast Calendar
Timeline: Israel's Historical Periods
Map: Ephraim & Judah
Video: Israeli National Anthem, The Hope    (English)
Viewpoint: Netanyahu Declares Ezk 37 Fulfilled!  (2010)
Booklet: Israel 101     by Stand With Us
(flip thru ALL the digital pages for a great overview of Israel's modern history)

Music Video: Vallley of Dry Bones    Michael Card
Music Video: There's No God Like Jehovah!
                               (Days of Elijah/ Ezekiel)
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay Notes) Understanding Israel's History
(David Notes) How is Restoration like Resurrection?

Lesson Four                    (38-39)

Chart: Gog - Magog
Music Video: I Believe   Joshua Waller
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) No Lecture
(David Notes) Gog Gets His Due

Lesson Five                    (40-43)

Chart: The Tabernacle (Mishkan)
Chart: History of God's Dwelling Places
Chart: Temple Tour
Chart: Temple Comparisons
Scriptures: Holiness in the Messianic Kingdom
Link: The Temple Institute (NOT Ezk's Temple)
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay Notes) God's Love Song for Israel
(David Notes) Architectural Lessons in Theology

Lesson Six                        (44-46)

Levitical Sacrifices: How to Approach a Holy God
Viewpoint: Drunken Worship Leaders, Mercenary Musicians
Chart: Glory Returns!
Timeline: Israel's Sacrifices
Family Tree: Levitical Priesthood
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay Notes) Israel's Salvation
(David Notes) Comfort & Conviction- God's Consistency

Lesson Seven                  (47-48)
          Jehovah Shammah



Map: Land Allotments
Map: Topography of the Land
Song of Moses

Timeline: Repent & Live!
Timeline: Worship the LORD!
List: Names of God
Audio: Class Discussion

(Kay Notes) The Lord IS There!
(David Notes) Sacrifices for Sin in the Future?

Video: Ezekiel's Tomb in Iraq


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