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of the Prophets!
Learn how GOD deals
with those who claim Him
but don't honor Him as God
in the way they live.

Isaiah 1

I have found myself thinking how Jesus spoke to multitudes in parables and then explained the meaning only to those who followed Him closely and spent a lot of time with Him.

  Understanding Isaiah is
like that--only those who spend real one on one time with Him are going to get this book.
  Precept is teaching me
how to be Jesus' disciple
like nothing else has



Transcrripts courtesy of
Kim Erickson

It is almost midnight.
I started reading - intending to only read the next couple of chapters for the next class.
And I read ... and read ...
and read - through Isaiah 45.

I have wept and rejoiced and would shout if my husband was not already asleep!
How can I even wait for Isaiah 2!!
Indeed, the Word of or God stands forever (40:8) - what hope, what joy, what comfort,
not just for Israel,
but for us today.
My heart is singing to the Sovereign God of this universe -
keeper of our hearts,
Who frames this world
with His Word!
And to think, He loves us
and is our Savior.
How humbling that He LOVES us.


Spine   (MS Publisher)
Lecture Titles
Main Ideas

Lesson One              (1-2)
The Setting

Hymn: Jesus Paid It All
Kay: Lecture Listening Guide
(Kay): God Has Spoken- Hear Him!
(Pete): Consent & Obey or Refuse & Rebel

Lesson Two              (3-5)
Judged by the Holy One

The Books of Life
(Kay): Today...Don't Depise God's Word!
(Pete): The LORD Arises to Contend

Lesson Three               (6)
Woe is Me!    Send Me!




(Kay): How to Live in the Manifest Presence of God
(Pete): Holy, Holy, Holy

Picture: Throne Room                  (PowerPoint)
Take Me In             MP3

Lesson Four             (7-9)
God with Us


(Kay): If you Do Not Believe, You Will Not Stand
(Pete): Who Do You Trust?
Article: Judgments of Isaiah 9:10 Paralleled... in America?
Video: Isaiah 9:10 and America  (Pt 1)   by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn
Video: Isaiah 9:10 and America  (Pt 2)   by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

MAP-Assyrian Empire
MAP-Divided Kingdom & Timeline
MAP-Twelve Tribes of Israel
Progressive Revelation of The Redeemer
Picure- Molech

Lesson Five            (9-12)
The Branch

At-A-Glance, Chapters 1-19
(Kay): Who Is Governing Your Life?
(Pete): What Will it Take?

Lesson Six            (13-14)
Babylon - Sheol-
Day of the LORD



Handout: Six "Parts" of the After-Life
(Kay): Think You'll Escape God's Judgment?
(Pete): Babylon the Great

MAP-Neo-Babylonian Empire...Then & Now
PHOTO- EU Parliament Building, Strasbourg
PHOTO-Tall Building, Dubai
PHOTO: Taller Building, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Lesson Seven      (14-18)
Philistia, Moab, Damascus, Jacob, & Cush

Kay Notes: History of "Palestine", Jordan, Syria
(Kay): Sorrow of a Righteous God
(Pete): Phillistia, Moab, Damacus
Video: What REALLY Happened in the Middle East

Lesson Eight        (19-23)
The Last Oracles

Kay Notes: Short History of Egypt, Mulims, Arabia
(Kay): What God Purposed WILL Come to Pass
(Pete): Depending on God

Lesson Nine        (24-25)
Earth Destroyed



(Kay): Someday the World's Party Will Be Over
(Pete): Waiting for Salvation
Hymn: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Lesson Ten          (26-27)
Perfect Peace



Kay Notes: Review of Isaiah
(Kay): The Steadfast of Mind- Kept in Perfect Peace
(Pete): The Rock
At-A-Glance Chart, Chapters 20-27
Lyrics: To Life!  L'Chaim!

Lesson Eleven     (28-29)
Woe to Fools:
Scoffers, Religious
, Sneaky

Five Fools
(Kay): What Are You Trusting In? Resting?
(Pete): Isaiah & Revelation

Lesson Twelve    (30-32)
Woe to False Sons: Rebelliously Rely on Men, Not God & His Righteousness

No Cross References in Homework
Kay Notes: Learning to Wait on God
(Kay): Wait on the LORD Who is Waiting For You
(Pete): Trusting in Egypt

Lesson Thirteen  (33-35)
God comes w/ Vengeance, but YOU will be Saved !

Review of Isaiah, Pt 1
Song: Therefore the Redeemed of the Lord Shall Return
(Kay): The LORD is the Stability of Your Times
(Pete): Recompense for Israel

Lesson Fourteen (36-39)
LORD Tests Hezekiah

THE Angel of The LORD
MAP: Assyrian Empire
At-A-Glance, Chapters 20-39
(Kay) The Blessings of Enemies, Illness
(Pete) I Have Heard Your Praise
Poem: Destruction of Sennacerib
Video: That's My King! by S.M. Lockridge


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