Comfort My People

Beloved, do you long for true joy in your life?  Do you feel like your life has no value—that you are just a number?

Do you believe the darkness of your past—
your sins, your failures,
even your shortcomings—
have made you useless to God?

Maybe you are a believer who has been convinced by the enemy that you could never really serve God.
You believe you are ungifted and too untalented to possibly be needed in the church.

In Isaiah 40-66 the Lord told Isaiah to speak
kind words to Israel.
He wanted to comfort His people with His words.
After their punishment for sins, there will be great restoration for them.
This study will give you a taste of the world's future.


Transcripts courtesy of 
Kim Erickson





Spine   (MS Publisher)
Library: Lecture Check Out Sheet

INTRODUCTION: The Great Isaiah Scroll  (PowerPoint)
PRAY, First
OBSERVATION: L-1 Key Words Bookmark
       Map: Dominant Foreign Powers

Lesson One           (40-41)
Comfort My People-
LORD is Coming!

Chart:  Context of Isaiah
Chart:  COMFORT: LORD Will Come!

(Kay): Comfort, Strength for Those who Wait
(David A): Message of Comfort, Announcement, & Hope
Music: Handel's Messiah- Comfort Ye, My People
Music: Handel's Messiah- Every Valley Exalted
Music: Handel's Messiah- The Glory of the LORD
Music: They That Wait Upon the Lord    (GodTube)
Video: On Eagles' Wings
Video: Louis Giglio's Indescribable  (Creator of Heavens)

Lesson Two           (42-44)
Return to Me -I Redeem

Chart: COMFORT: LORD Will Redeem!
Current Events: Isaiah 43:5...Returning Home...from India
Chain Link- Deity of Jesus, Romans' Road, Jerusalem Road
(Kay): Do You Long for Justice?
(David A): Deception of Idolatry

Lesson Three        (45-46)
I Am the LORD-NO Other
Cyrus, My Shepherd

Chart: COMFORT: GOD, Alone, Holds the Future

(Kay): Living in the Manifest Presence of  God
(David A): Exclusive Claims of God

Lesson Four          (47-50)
Awaken My Ear

Chart: Pay More Attention!
Lyrics: I Will Trust When I Cannot See

(Kay): The Importance of Listening to God
(David A): I will Make You the Light of the World

Lesson Five            (51-53)
Believe Our Report?

Chart: Wake Up!
Chart: WHO is the Suffering Savior?
Picture: For Unto Us a Child is Born (53)

(David A): The Sufferings, Pleasure of Our LORD

Lesson Six              (54-57)

$pend -Not Satisfied?

Chart: You're Invited!
Music: Whoever Thirsts (Marty Goetz)

Lecture (David): Covenant of Peace: Described, Prescribed

Lesson Seven       (58-60)
Hide our Sins?

Chart: Arise, Shine!
How to Treat the Poor Among You
Five Reasons Our Prayers Fail to Fly
"FAST" Facts by Jews for Jesus

(Click Image for More Info)

(Kay): When Truth Stumbles in the Street
(David A): How Does Sin Separate Us from God?

Lesson Eight         (61-63)
When Messiah Comes

Chart: Day of Vengeance & Recompense
Brochure: 20 Ways to Bless Israel MS Publisher
L-9 Homework Help: Israel's Prayer, God's Response
Music: The Spirit of the LORD is Upon Me by Marty Goetz
Video (Dance): "Holy Visitation"
Music & Video: On Your Walls, O Jerusalem
Video Timeline

(Kay): Day of Vengeance, Year of Redemption
(David A): How is Jesus the Fulfillment of the Old Testament?

Lesson Nine          (64-66)
Rend the Heavens-Come!

Chart: God's Recompense to the Righteous/Rebellious
Timeline: Lake of Fire
Pt 2, Chapter Summary: How God Comforts
Hymn: Have Thine Own Way Lord

(David): Will the LORD Keep Silent?


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