You've Forsaken Me:
Repent and Return

a prophet appointed by God, spoke a hard message to the people of his day.
It's still God's message today - a call to listen to His Word. Heeding Jeremiah's message can bring healing
and hope to all.


We are trying to play
without the ball
when the church
tries to evangelize
BEFORE she has repented.

The church can do many things AFTER she has repented
but nothing
until she first repents.

--Vance Havner (1901-1986), pastor, author, and Bible conference speaker.



Spine for Binder (PDF)
Precept Austin: Jeremiah Commentaries
Video: Orientaion for Jeremiah- Dee Alberty
Lightning Study:
Has God Forgotten Me?       Directions
Timeline: Jeremiah Pt 1   Historical Context
Timeline: Jeremiah by Chapters     
Timeline: Kings of Judah     
List: Key Words   

Lesson One                  (1-2)
God Calls Jeremiah
To Contend with Judah

Chart: The Reign of King Josiah
Graph: God-I Am With You!
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay): O Generation, Heed the Word of the LORD
(David Arthur): A Prophetic Call to Reach My People
News Article: Deep Deception- "Religious" Prostitution

Lesson Two                  (3-4)
RETURN: Faithless, Treacherous Ones

Chart:Return to Me!
Chart: Blow the Trumpet!
Poem: "Blame Me Not"
Video    Audio   Class Discussion
In God We Trust: Preambles of 50 State Constitutions
(Kay): Return Faithless One, I Am Willing to Heal Your Faithlessness
(David Arthur): Healing for the Harlot
Video: God's Judgment on America -- 9/11     by Rabbi Cahn

Lesson Three               (5-6)
Are There ANY Righteous Among You?

Review: How a Good, Righteous Father "Parents" the Disobedient
Chart: Now, Why Should I Pardon You?
Chart B: The Watchman
Starter Chart: At-A-Glance
Chart: Doctrine of Retribution: Lex Talionis
Audio   Class Discussion
(Kay): O,LORD, Do Not Your Eyes Look for Truth & Justice?
(David Arthur): Return to the Ancient Paths

Lesson Four                (7-9)
TRUE Worship & Obedience

Memory Verse: Jeremiah 9:23-24
Chart: The Temple Sermon
Chart: Babylon Mystery Religion
Chart: Canaanite Parthenon
Article: Queen of Heaven
List: Five Ways to Miss Heaven
Audio: Class Discussion
Memorize: Ten Commandments
(Kay): What Happens When There's No Knowledge of God?
(David Arthur): Temple Theology, What's Yours?

Lesson Five            (10-12)
True, Everlasting God
His Covenant

chart: The Righteous Judge
chart: Jeremiah's Trials
Idolatry: God's Warnings
Photo: Man-made Idols
Audio: Class Discussion
(Pete): Do Not Learn the Way of the Nations
(David Arthur): A Broken Covenant and a Forsaken House

Lesson Six              (13-15)
...But the People Didn't Listen

Chart: Pain for All
Chart: Last 5 Kings of Judah
Cartoon: Vance Havner Quote
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay): If You are Going to Run with Horses..
(David Arthur): Doom for Them- Delivery for You

Lesson Seven       (16-18)
Potter will "re-make" the jar....IF....



Chart: I Surrender All
Audio   Class Discussion
Hymn-Have Thine Own Way, Lord
Article: Christians and the Sabbath by Chuck Missler
(Kay): When Life is Unravelling, What Do You Need?
(David Arthur): The Heart of the Potter

Lesson Eight         (19-21)
Break the Jar!

No Cross-References required in this lesson
Chart: Judah is Broken
Hymn: I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay): What Happens in a Nation When Justice is Not Upheld?
(David Arthur): Beaten But Not Broken
Video: Valley of Ben-Hinnom by Netanel Nickalls

Lesson Nine          (22-24)
Last 4 Kings

Chart- Shattered & Scattered
Photos: Parade of Kings
Audio: Class Discussion
Chart- Final At-A-Glance
Psalm 23: The GOOD Shepherd
(David Arthur): Good Shepherds vs. Bad Shepherds



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