When God's Judgment
Finally Comes

Learn what God's message was to a rebellious Judah
as Babylonian exile loomed.

“Amid all the bright stars
of Old Testament history
no name  shines brighter
than that of Jeremiah.”
It was he who prophesied
in the darkest hours of Judah,
when Judah, as a nation, "died".

I can't imagine trying
to sit with clients
and not be engaged
in a serious Bible Study
in which The Word is forming me and in which I'm constantly
having my mind renewed
as to what the PlumLine is.

This culture is so upside down
and so affects
and families
that all of us have to be
immersed in the Word
or the world
will devour us for breakfast!!!

-Anne Hays,
Christian counselor




PDF: Spine for Binder
Timeline: Jeremiah Pt 2
Article: Picture of a Prophet by Leonard Ravenhill
Poem: 'Twas the Night Before...Jeremiah
Commentary: Tom Constable's Notes

Precept Austin: Commentaries for Jeremiah
ART in Jeremiah

Lesson One             (25-26)
Major Shift in World History...b/c Judah would NOT Repent!

Definition: REPENT
Chart: God Watches Over His Word to Perform It!
Royal History: Last 5 Kings of Judah
Scribe History: Line of Shaphan
Hymn: Am I a Soldier of the Cross?
Audio: Class Discussion

(Kay): The Lord's Controversy with the Nations
(David): A Serious Message for Serious Times

Lesson Two             (27-29)
or Listen to False Prophets

Chart: Submit to Babylon!
Handout: False Prophets & MY Responsibility
Context: Jeremiah 29:10-14
Audio: Class Discussion
Music Video: Something More by Nick Vujicic
Discernment Ministry: Lighthouse Trails Research

(Kay): What Does God Say About Those Who Prophesy Lies?
(David): It Really Matters Who You Listen To!

Lesson Three          (30-31)
A New Covenant
israel beloved

Chart: "Restoration, The Yoke WILL BE Broken"
Handout: The Incurable Wound
Chart: GOD-initiated Covenants
Audio: Class Discussion

Hayovel: Christian servants who help Israel's farmers (2x per year)
Jeremiah 31: 5 And you shall again plant vines in Samaria

(Kay): This is An "Again": A Way to Recover
(David): What Kind of Deal Do You Have with God?

Lesson Four            (32-34)
NOTHING Too Difficult
for God...to Restore

At-A-Glance Chart: Jeremiah 2 (Partial)
Chart: God Keeps His Promises
Handout: Will There Be Animal Sacrifices in the Millennial Kingdom?
Music Video: Ah, Lord God, Thou Hast Made the Heavens
Audio: Class Discussion

(David): Is Anything Too Difficult for God?

Lesson Five            (35-39)
When God's Judgment Finally Comes

No Cross-References Required
Chart: Going Against the Flow
Scribe History: Line of Shaphan
Archaeology: Gedaliah's Stamp
History: Tisha B'Av
Audio: Class Discussion

(Kay): Taking a Stand for Truth, Righteousness, Justice...
(David): Listen! A Survey of Jeremiah

Lesson Six              (40-44)
God's Word STANDS!

No Cross-References Required
Maps: Now, Where Do We Go?
Chart: Walking by Sight? or by Faith?
Thought: Fear Not or Fear?
Article: Pragmatism Goes to Church, Tozer      Jer 44:18
Article: Ten Steps to a Pragmatic Church
Article: Egyptian Obelisks, Jer 43:13
Video: Obelisks, Ba'al, Freemasonry  by Brannon Howse & Chris Pinto
Audio: Class Discussion

(Kay): Who Will You Fear...Man or God?
(David): DON'T Go Back to Egypt!

Lesson Seven       (45-49)
God Destroys..
In Order to Re-Build



GAME: Middle East Map Quiz
Map: Blank Outline of Middle East
Chart: Judgment of the Nations
Song: Find Us Faithful
Hymn: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
National Anthem of Israel: Hatikva                  MP3: Streisand
                                                  MP3  Survivors of Bergen-Belsen
Audio: Class Discussion

Video: When Your World is Falling Apart    Dr. Stephen Trammell
Video: Jeremiah, The Man           Good Review by Mark Lanier
Video: Jeremiah, The Message

(Kay): What Are You Seeking in these Days of Judgment?
(David): What is God's Plan for the Nations?

Lesson Eight         (50-52)

Timeline: Babylon & Jerusalem...Final State
Summary: Final Thoughts on Jeremiah
Audio: Class Discussion

Article: Seige of Jerusalem, 10th day of 10th month
(Kay): Babylon vs. Jerusalem
(David): Depressing Book... Any Hope?

Powerpoint: U.S. Marines in Babylon



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