Hope and Healing
in the Aftermath of
Rebellion Against God

How do people survive when they
have no hope?
Where do they turn
when there's nothing
but misery all around them?
In whom do you put your trust and hope?
The only true hope
Christians have is in the Lord.
Study Lamentations
and get a glimpse
of the God
whose compassions never fail.




PDF: Spine  for Binder
Bookmark: Key Words
Leader Planning Guide
Precept Austin: Commentaries for Lamentations
ART in Lamentations
Video: Overview of Lamentations     by Mark Lanier
List: 9th of Av

Lesson One                        (1-2)

The Aftermath
of Rebelling Against God


The Dire Straits (Lam 1:3)
Psalms: Four Kinds of Laments
HomeWork: Cry Out the Psalms!
Protocol: Jewish Funeral
Order of Service: Jewish Funeral
Handout: True Repentance
Exhortation: Five Mis-Diagnosed Symptons    .by Jim Stitzinger
Today: "Lament for America"
Audio: Class Discussion         led by Jacci Bickford
(David Arthur) Where Can We Find Real Comfort?
(Kay Arthur) The WHY of Pain, The Anger of God
Kay: Lecture Listening Guide

Lesson Two                            (3)

When the Consequences of
My Sin Seem  Overwhelming


Word Study: Loving-kindness/ Hesed
Word Study: Hesed: Long-Term Love     by Lois Tverberg
Handout: 8 KInds of Suffering
Audio: Class Discussion         led by Penny Mussro

Hymn: Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Chorus: The Steadfast Love of the Lord
(David Arthur) Hope Found by Desperate People in a Reliable God
(Kay Arthur) You Sinned. Is ALL Lost? Oh No, He's the God of Hope
Kay: Lecture Listening Guide

Lesson Three                     (4-5)

How, O LORD, Did I Ever
Come to This Place?
Can I Ever Be Restored?



Handout: LORD's Promises to EDOM
Audio: Class Discussion         led by Ray Gonzales
National Anthem of Israel: Hatikva (The Hope)          MP3: Streisand
                                                  MP3  Survivors of Bergen-Belsen
(David Arthur) The Deadly Effects Sin Has on God's People
(Kay Arthur) After Sin? Come Running to the Mercy Seat
Kay: Lecture Listening Guide
Video: IMAX Eternal Jerusalem
Life in Exile   by Mark Lanier



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