Revering the LORD,
Standing in Awe of His Name

God tells us that He is keeping
a book of remembrance
for those who fear Him
and esteem His name.
Malachi will prepare you
for the day when
the Lord opens the windows of heaven
and pours out His blessing

I loved God's call to faithfulness
and worship in this book.

-Pete DeLacy,
Precept Ministries



PDF: Spine for Binder
PDF: Lesson One
Commentaries: Precept Austin

List: LORD of Hosts
Hymn: A Mighty Fortress is Our God

Lesson One                            (1)



Chart: Where's My Honor?
Timeline: Esau
Audio: Class Discussion

 Lecture Notes: Have You Ever Doubted God's Love? David Arthur

Lesson Two                             (2)
Do I LOVE God as I Should?



Chart : Where's YOUR Honor?
Audio: Class Discussion

Audio: The Fear of God by David Ravenhill
Lecture Notes: How Do You KNOW You are OK with God? David Arthur

Lesson Three                       (3-4)
Me? Rob God?


Chart: God's Altar Call
Audio:Class Discussion

Lecture Notes: What is Involved in "Returning to God"? David Arthur



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