RETURN to Me...
That I May Return to YOU!

What will happen on the day when the Lord is king
over all the earth?
There is a future time
of restoration coming
for the righteous.
Are you ready for that day? 



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Spine for Binder
PDF: Lesson One
Leader Plan: Zechariah
Commentary: Tom Constable  
Psalms by Zechariah
Booklist: Old Testament    
Booklist: Hebrew Bible (TaNaKh)
Timeline: Zechariah-BIG Picture
Chart: Historical Context

Class Audio: Part 1-Historical Context of Zechariah
Class Audio: Part 2-Inductive Study of Zechariah: Chapter 1

Lesson One                Overview
Return to Me!


NO Cross-References required for this lesson
References: Messianic Propecies in Zechariah
Music Video: Zakharyah (God Remembers)
Hymn: When We See Christ

Class Chart: Overview- Return to Me
Class Audio: Zechariah Overview

Kay-Notes: Do You Need Rescuing?
David- Notes: Why Study Zechariah?

Lesson Two                 (1-2)


OWS: Haggai
Chart: THE Angel of the LORD
References: The Prophets Call to Return

Fall Feasts       Sukkot
Class Chart:
You are NOT Forgotten!
Audio: Class Discussion

Kay-Notes: Return to Me
(David): Return to Me - The Key to Understanding Prophecy!

Lesson Three              (3-4)


Homework: Cross-References
Homework: Who is Speaking?
Photos: Official Seal of Israel & The Great Menorah
Handout: The Branch
Chart: I Will Make You a GREAT Nation
Audio: Class Discussion

Kay-Notes: Prophecies & Practicalities
(David): Free Access to God?

Lesson Four                (5-6)


Chart: Four Faces of The Branch
Hesed: The Stork
Map: Valley of Judgment
Map & Timeline: Nations in the Middle East & Tribulation
Chart: THEN, You Will Know
Audio: Class Discussion

David-Notes: The Branch

Lesson Five                 (7-8)


Chart Tisha B'Av
Chart: Jewish Calendar

Chart: Shall I Weep & Abstain?
Audio: Class Discussion (Leader, Sonja Laborde)
Video: Children Playing in the Streets of Jerusalem

Kay Notes: Jerusalem, The City of Truth
(David): Restoration-What Are the Signs?

Lesson Six                   (9-11)
Burden #1: The Coming King


Music: 30 Pieces of Silver by Hank Williams

Chart: The Coming King(s)
History: The Greek Period
Encouragement: God Strengthens in "Sea of Distress"
Audio: Class Discussion

Kay-Notes: So What is Your Shepherd Worth?
(David): Who Wants a Sheep as Our Mascot?

Lesson Seven           (12-14)
Burden #2: The Coming Kingdom


Video Clip: Raiders of Lost Ark         (Zech 14: 12)
Music Video: "Dror Yikra"    by Maccabeats     English Translation

Chart: The Coming King AND His Kingdom
Audio: Class Discussion

Kay Notes: Is He Truly Your King?
(David): What is Christ in Zechariah?


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