God's Power for Daily Living

\God's grace is sufficient,
no matter what your failures, no matter what you're facing -- He has chosen to display
His magnificent strength
in our weakness!
If you've ever wondered whether you can make it through another day,
this is the study for you.



(Kay): The Flesh Connection in Trials & Temptations

Lesson One         

(Kay): Finding Refuge in the Grace of God

Lesson Two          

(Kay): What's It Like to be Blind to the Grace of God?

Lesson Three        

(Kay): If Sin's Your Problem, There's Grace to Cover It

Lesson Four      

(Kay): Repentance, The Forerunner of Grace

Lesson Five         

(Kay): Grace for Sin in the Darkest Night of Failure

Lesson Six     

(Kay): Oh, The Peace of a Life Dependant on God

Lesson Seven  

(Kay): How to Live a Life Commended to the Grace of God

Lesson Eight    

(Kay): Grace for All Your Inadequacies

Lesson Nine   (Kay): Grace to Make It!


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