To know God is to know His character,
and that character is revealed in His names.
Each name is an aspect of
His sovereignty
over your life.
If you want a deeper,
abiding faith,
this study will help you see and understand how powerfully
He works.

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Tip: Make nametags for students, including the meaning of their own name

Video: Names of God

Lesson One
The Names of the Lord      

(Kay): Knowing God, The Answer to Every Situation in Life

Lesson Two        
Elohim, The Creator                   


(Kay): You, Especially Created by Elohim for His Purpose

Lesson Three 
El Elyon, God Most High


(Kay): Because He's El Elyon, All Will Work for Good

Lesson Four   
El Roi,
The God Who Sees 

(Kay):El Roi, Watches Over You

Lesson Five      
El Shaddai,
The All-Sufficient One
  (Kay): Run Into His Arms!

Lesson Six       
Adonai, The Lord                

  (Kay): Lord, Master, Owner

Lesson Seven 
YHWH ----- I Am,
Self-Existent One                   


(Kay): Jehovah, He's Everything You'll Ever Need

Lesson Eight

(Kay): He Provided All at Calvary

Lesson Nine  
Jehovah Rapha
Lord Who Heals
  (Kay): A Balm in Gilead & A Great Physician

Lesson Ten         
Pausing for a Moment                


Lesson Eleven          
Jehovah Nissi
The Lord, My Banner    

(Kay): Defeated? There's Victory under Jehovah Nissi

Lesson Twelve           
Jehovah Mekoddiskem
The Lord, Who Sanctifies     

(Kay): Want to Be Holy?

Lesson Thirteen 
Jehovah Shalom
The Lord is Peace
  (Kay):Troubled? Afraid? Distressed? Run to Jehovah-Shalom

Lesson Fourteen 
Jehovah Sabaoth
Lord of Hosts          
  (Kay): Lord of Hosts

Lesson Fifteen  
Jehovah Ra'ah
Lord, My Shepherd

(Kay):Lord is My Shepherd

Lesson Sixteen 
Jehovah Tsidkenu  
Lord, My Righteousness
  (Kay): Lord, My Righteousness

Lesson Seventeen
Jehovah Shammah
Lord is There
  (Kay): Lord is There


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