How do you know if you're really born again?
What does it mean to be holy. . to love God?
Find answers to these and other questions as you take a look back at the fundamentals of Christian beliefs.



Lesson One

Chart- Overview
Key Words Defined
(Kay): Who Goes to Heaven?
(Wayne): What Every Believer Ought to Know

Lesson Two

Chart-Refuting Gnostics
Chart- God is Light
Gnostic Beliefs
Apostles' Creed
(Kay): How Do You Know WHO to Believe?
(Wayne): Jesus Christ is the Source of All Our Joy

Lesson Three
If I Say
  Chart- If I Say
Chart- Identity of a True Believer
(Kay): Why Should God Let You in to Heaven?
(Wayne):: The Believer & Sin- Part 1

Lesson Four
If I Sin

Chart- Adovcate, Propitiation
Chart: Application
(Kay): Holy God and Mercy on UN-Rt Man
(Wayne):: The Believer & Sin- Part 2

Lesson Five
  Chart-Love Not the World
Ten Truths that Conquer Lust
(Kay): Living in a World Like This
(Wayne):: The Believer & The World

Lesson Six

  Chart- Doctrine of Sin
(Kay): The Hope that Purifies
(Wayne):: The Believer & Truth

Lesson Seven

Chart- Know the Difference
Effect of Sin on a Believer
(Kay): Who is Your Father? How Do You Know?
(Wayne): The Difference Between the Children of God and the Children of the Devil - Part 1

Lesson Eight

Chart-Doubts, Tests
Battle for the Mind
"Know" words-Defined
(Kay): What If I'm Not Really Saved?
(Wayne): The Difference Between the Children of God and the Children of the Devil - Part 2

Lesson Nine
  Roadblocks to Love
(Kay): Long for a Perfect Love?
(Wayne): The Test for False Teachers

Lesson Ten

Chart- Those Born of God
That You May KNOW You Have Eternal Life

By THIS We KNOW x-ref
(Kay): Caught, Overcome by the World?
(Wayne): If It Weren't for Relationships,
                                I Could Prove I Love Jesus

Lesson Eleven
Final Words
  Chart-Final Instructions
(Kay): Sin Unto Death? Why Pray?
(Wayne): One Final Look at What a Believer is Supposed to Be


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