Are you an example to others? Learn the principles of exemplary Christian living -- the very mission of Precept Ministries International. Understand the spiritual warfare,
sparked by the presence of the Gospel in the world,
and the rapture of the church -- God's ultimate rescue-
in your study of prophecy
to fully understand what God says about the last days.


Lecture Outlines courtesy of
Anne LeGare





  Keep Calm & Climb Higher
Study 1 & 2 Thessalonians: from a 1st Century Perspective

Lesson One                               (1-5)


 Lecture Outline: Without Blame at Christ’s Coming

Lesson Two                                   (1)
Observing Chapter One


 Lecture Outline: God’s Plan for Reaching the World

Lesson Three                               (1)
An Exemplary Conversion

   Lecture Outline: Knowing Your Election of God

Lesson Four                                 (2)

Observing Chapter Two


 Lecture Outline: What Kind of Model are YOU to Your World?

Lesson Five                                  (2)
An Exemplary Witness

 Lecture Outline: Flee from the Wrath that is to Come!

Lesson Six                                     (3)
Exemplary Follow-Up

 Lecture Outline: How Can You Deliver God’s Gospel Effectively?

Lesson Seven                              (3)
The Tempter

 Lecture Outline:Follow Up so that There’s Victory over the Tempter

Lesson Eight                                 (4)
Sexual Behavior

 Lecture Outline: Unblamable in Holiness and Sexually Pure

Lesson Nine                                  (5)
Love & Work


At A Glance Chart

 Lecture Outline: Unblameable in Holiness – Why? Because of Love

Lesson Ten                                   (5)
What Happens When I Die?

 Lecture Outline: What About the Dead in Christ?

Lesson Eleven                              (5)
Responsibilities of Leaders, Followers
The Unruly, Fainthearted, & Weak

 Lecture Outline: Living as Sons of Day, as Sons of Light



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