In a day when false teachers are leading countless people astray, to live effectively for Christ we need to know the truth.  Learn to live effectively and grow in spiritual discernment..



(Kay): OT Prophets- Repent & Obey
(Wayne): Protected from Error

Lesson One                          (1-3)


(Kay): Peter's Purpose
(Wayne): Importance of Spiritual Knowledge

Lesson Two                             (1)
Know His Power, Promises

(Kay): Divine Nature & Flesh
(Wayne): Faith is Precious

Lesson Three                          (1)
Proof of True Faith
  (Kay): How Shall We Live?
(Wayne): 7 Characteristics of Godly Life

Lesson Four                         (1-2)
Established in the Truth

(Kay): Which World is REAL?
(Wayne): Established by Word of God

Lesson Five                             (2)
God Will Judge & Rescue
  (Kay): Weary in Well-Doing?
(Wayne): A Word of Certainly in Time of Trouble

Lesson Six                               (2)
Recognize False Teachers

  (Kay): How to Spot False Teachers
(Wayne): Beware of Snake Around the Water

Lesson Seven                         (3)

Lecture (Kay): False Teachers- Here, Increasing
Lecture (Wayne): Willful Ignorance

Lesson Eight                           (3)
Be Ready for the Day of the LORD

Lecture (Kay): Mockers are Not New
Lecture (Wayne): Meantime Livin'


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