Don't be confused about
"The Day of the Lord."

The Thessalonians were interested in the end times,
just as we are today.
But they were confused
until they received this letter from Paul.
Include this book
in your study of prophecy
to fully understand what God says about the last days.













Spine (MS Publisher)
First Lesson
Lecture Notes (Kay): How Can I Live?
Map-Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey
Greek Word Study
Commentary LInks-Precept Austin
Leader Plans

Lesson One                         (1-3)


Let's Visit Thessalonica MS PPT
Chart: Overview
Kay Arthur: What Kind of Legacy will I Leave?
Wayne Barber: The Characteristics of a Legitimate Christian

Lesson Two                            (1)


How to Study a Greek Word
Verb Form Chart: Tense, Voice, Mood
Chart: Afflictions, Persecutions, Suffering

(Kay): In the Midst of Persecution, Remember...

Wayne Barber: Are You Worthy of the Kingdom?

Lesson Three                          (2)
The Coming of The LORD


No Cross-References

How to Do a Chapter Study
Chart: Building the Timeline
Ten "Mysteries" in the New Testament

(Kay): Where Will You Go when You Die?

Wayne Barber: Pay NOW or Pay Later

Lesson Four                             (2)

The Church & Day of The LORD


LFL-The Rapture
Comparing the Rapture with Christ's Return
15 Differences Between the Rapture, the Return
(Kay): Accountable for Our Deeds

Wayne Barber: Will the Church Go Thru the "Day of the LORD"?

Lesson Five                              (3)
Praying in the Light of His Coming

Structured- Prayers of Paul
(Kay): Day of the LORD is Coming!

Wayne Barber: Three Desires of a Godly Man

Lesson Six                                (3)
Disciplined Life of a True Believer


Handout: Warfare- Are You Weary?
Hymn: Blessed Assurance
(Kay): Are You a Model for the World?

Wayne Barber: Living Responsibly



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