Jesus' Witnesses Empowered by His Spirit

Luke’s first account was his Gospel
in which he recorded all
that Jesus began to do and teach.
His second account we call Acts,
or the Acts of the Apostles,
in which Luke recorded what happened
after Jesus’ ascension to the Father.
Jesus sent the Holy Spirit,
empowering the apostles to testify
to the power of God in salvation
and in living every day for the gospel.
Learn how God spread the gospel
through witnesses of Jesus’ death
and resurrection,
and from their examples,
how you too can witness to others.
Stand in awe of the power of God
in believers to endure persecution
and suffering for the cause of Christ
and embrace His power in your life.
Be encouraged by the results
of faithful servants holding forth truth
in a dark world;
watch as the church grows numerically, geographically, and culturally.



Spine (pdf)
Commentaries: Precept Austin
Instructions: How To Do an Online Word Study (BLB)
Chart: Tense - Voice - Mood
Bookmark: Acts Key Words
Chart: Greek vs. Hebrew Thinking
Audio: Class Discussion

Lesson One   (1)
But WAIT for it...


Chart: Context for Acts
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) And you shall be My witnesses!
(David NOTES) Wait for the Promise-You WILL Receive Power!

Lesson Two  (2)

Day of Shavuot

Chart: The Power Arrives
List: Is God Your Sovereign or Your King?
Prayer of God's Witnesses: Aleinu
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) The Spirit for Ordinary People
(David NOTES) A Recipe for Restoration

Lesson Three  (3-4:31)

"Don't Speak in Jesus' Name"

Infographic: The Sanhedrin by Logos Bible Software
Chart: Resurrection...The King is ALIVE!
Chart: Moses & Messiah
Photos: Beautiful Gate Solomon's Portico
The Amidah: The STANDING Prayer (abbreviated)
Reminder: Adversity
Application: Walking out Acts!
Video: Chief Priests & Sadducees (3:44)
Chart: The Power... to Witness!
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) Living an Ordinary Life in the Power of an Extraordinary God
(David NOTES) Why is there Opposition When the Name of Jesus is Invoked?

Lesson Four  ( 4:32-5)

Opposition: From Without & Within


Chart: The Withstand
Chart: Community Life Vs. Communism
Video: Who was Rabbi Gamaliel?
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) When You Suffer for the Gospel, Do You Keep on Teaching and Preaching Jesus? Is it Obvious that You have Been With Jesus?
(David NOTES) What is Your Response to the Gospel? Have You Relinquished All?

Lesson Five  (6-7)

Great Persecution Begins

Chart: The Hellenists
Chart: Power to Refute Lies!
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) What is My Witness in the World? In the Church?
(David) What Are You Clinging to that is NOT Jesus?

Lesson Six (8)

Gospel Scatters!

Chart: Power to Evangelize!
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) When Was the Last Time You Preached Jesus?
(David NOTES) Preaching the Kingdom of God- Are You Willing to Go Even Thru Opposition?

Lesson Seven  (9)

Saul Sees the Light!

Chart: How to Respond to an Enemy?
Chart: Power to "Convert" an Enemy!
Timeline: Acts, Part 1 (Biblical & Secular History)
Photo: Straight Street in Damascus
Audio: Class Discussion
(David NOTES) Problem in the Church Today- Not indwelt by Holy Spirit?

Lesson Eight  (10-12)

Peter: Go to the Unclean

Video: Cornelius, the God-Fearer (5:25)
Chart: Power to UNIFY!
Difficult Scriptures: One Torah?
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) Do You Know Your Place, Your Hour, Your Calling in History? In His Story?
(David) Stretched to a Point You Thought You Could Not Go?
Rappin. Acts, Part 1



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