Paul, Jesus' Witness to the Gentiles

Jesus promised His disciples
that they would take the gospel
to the remotest parts of the earth.
Observe Paul's transformation
from persecutor of the church to preacher.
Join him on his journeys
across the Roman world to proclaim the saving message of Jesus to Jews and Gentiles.
Learn how to witness
and how to live an authentic Christian life
in all circumstances
in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Learn to be like Paul,
to be bold in proclaiming the name of Jesus
and to trust our sovereign Lord
who enables us to endure persecution
and suffering at the hands of those
who hate Jesus...and therefore, hate us.



Spine (pdf)
Keywords: Acts 2 List
Timeline: Early, Early Believers
Glossary: "Church Words" in Cultural Context
Culture: Chaotic Roman Life by Doug Greenwold

Lesson One   (13-14)

First Missionary Journey


Map: First Missionary Journey
Article: Sergius Paulus (Bible Archaeology)
Chart: Pattern of Paul's Messages
Audio: Class Discussion
Idiom: Eternal Life by Lois Tverberg
Video: Paul's Journey to Rome (Ray Vander Laan)
Video: What is Discipleship? (Ray Vander Laan)
(Kay) Life By, In, and With the Spirit
(David Notes) Missions 101

Lesson Two  (15)

Jerusalem Council Debate

Galatians: Observation Worksheet
Chart: Gentiles....What Do We DO with Them???
Chart: Salvation, by GRACE (more Scriptures)
The Didache: Instructions for 1st Century Gentiles Believers Parody Song by Phil Keaggy
Audio: Class Discussion
Sermon: Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand (David Pileggi)
(Kay) Do You Not Know the Grace of God?
(David Notes) What is Your Process for Decision Making in the Midst of Disagreement?

Lesson Three  (16-17)

Second Missionary Journey


Map: Second Missionary Journey
Photos: Philippi
Chart: Hellenistic "Wisdom"
Sermon: Athens, to All Men Everywhere
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay Notes) Life in the Spirit: What Does it Look Like?
(David) Ministry is About People

Lesson Four  ( 18-19)

Attacked for My Faith


Photos: Corinth
Photos: Ephesus
Chart: The WARNING Watchman
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) Do Not Be Afraid/ Silent for I am With You
(David NOTES) Growing Pains of Ministry

Lesson Five  (20)

Good-bye, Dear Friends

Chart: Passing the Baton
List: 20 Reasons "Discipleship" Died by Doug Greenwold
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) What is Your Prayer? Your Commitment?
(David NOTES) "Follow Me" Ministry

Lesson Six (21-23)

Journey to Jerusalem

Photo: The Soreg (Dividing Wall bet Jew-Gentile)
Chart: Paul, The Lawyer ...Part 1
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) Whatever Touches You, Touches Him
(David NOTES) Flexible Methods of Ministry

  Gifts of the Spirit by Toby Janicki
Lesson Seven  (24-26)

Witness to Agrippa

Chart: Herod's Family Tree
Chart: Paul, The Lawyer Part 2
TaNaKh: Light to the Nations
Photo: Caesarea (Maritima)
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) Standing Trial in a Culture Opposed to Christianity
(David NOTES) Essential Ingredients for Proclaiming the Gospel

Lesson Eight  (27-28)

Journey to Rome

Chart: You Should Have Listened to Me!
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) Holy Spirit Indwelling You- Will you Live it Out?
(David) To Rome and Beyond!
Video: Out of the Synagogue

So What Happened AFTER Acts 28?????


Chart: Early, Early Church History
Timeline of Church History

Audio: If Christianity Began as a Sect of Judaism, What Caused Them to Separate???



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