What does it mean to be "complete in Christ"?
Is Christ your "all in all" --
does He meet all your needs? Don't let anyone delude you with man-made philosophies
or traditions that
contradict the Word of God.







Timeline- Paul

Lesson One                   (1-4)
Overview the Book


No Cross-References
Overview of Colossians
Lecture Notes (Kay): Grace That Brings Peace

Lesson Two                      (1)
Historical Background


Historical Context: Phrygia
Chart: Historical Background
Lecture Notes (Kay): Colossians- God's Inspecting Rod

Lesson Three         (1:1-14)
Paul's Prayer


Structuring: Paul's Prayer
Purpose of Colossians
Lecture Notes (Kay): How Do We Walk Worthy?

Lesson Four           (1:15-17)
Portrait of Christ

Chart: Who IS Jesus?
Lecture Notes (Kay): He's the Pre-Eminent Christ- Worship Him!

Lesson Five           (1:18-2:5)
The Church


Chart: What is Paul's Concern for "The Church" at Colossae?
Picture: Israel, Assembled at Mt. Sinai
Article: Those Who Do NOT Lead Christians to Maturity by Sandy Simpson
Article: A Different Understanding of Ephesians 2:14-15
by Skip Moen
Lecture Notes (Kay):The Church: In God's Plan of Redemption, Where Do YOU Fit In?

Lesson Six                        (2)
The Lord Jesus Christ

  No Cross-References
Chart: 3 Views ..."The Church"
Chart: Walk Worthy..."In Him"
Audio: Class Discussion
Lecture Notes (Kay): Him...NO Other!

Lesson Seven             (2:1-8)
Vain Philosophies,
False Teaching


Chart: So That No One Deludes You
Chart: Faithful Brethren...Surrounded by Sharks
Audio: Class Discussion
Lecture Notes (Kay): What Keeps You from Being Deluded Doctrinally?

Lesson Eight            (2:9-15)
"In Him"

Chart: In Him...we might become the Righteousness of God
Audio: Class Discussion
Lecture Notes (Kay): Is it According to Christ?

Lesson Nine           (2:16-23)
What Has Value?
Chart: Hold Fast to the Head
Lecture Notes (Kay): Where is True Spiriutality to be Found?
Video: Who AM I?

Lesson Ten                 (3:1-4)
Am I really "in the faith"?


Lecture Notes (Kay): Watch Out...Everything That Appears Spiritual is NOT!

Lesson Eleven         (3:1-17)
Inward Work of Christ

Lecture Notes (Kay): Death to Your Passions...How?

Lesson Twelve   (3:18-4:18)
Devoted to Christ

Article: Warrior Woman by Skip Moen
Lecture Notes (Kay): What's the Key to Every Relationship?



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