How well do you know
the Son of God?
Are you convinced that what He said about Himself is true? From beginning to end,
John reveals Jesus
as the Son of God.







Lesson One                         (1-9)

(Kay): Don't Despair, God Keeps His Word
(Wayne Barber): From Shadow To Substance

Lesson Two                     (10-21)


(Kay): that You Might Believe
(Wayne): A Look At The Book

Lesson Three                          (1)
Christ's Genealogy
  (Kay): The Word Became Flesh
(Wayne): The Eternal Christ

Lesson Four                            (2)
Pre-Incarnation Thru Childhood

(Kay): We Beheld His Glory As He Explained the Father
(Wayne): The Mystery And Miracle Of "Followship"

Lesson Five                            (3)
Signs & Miracles
  (Kay): The Son of God, The Son of Man
(Wayne): Life In; Lights On

Lesson Six                              


(Kay): Born Again- When? How? Can I Know?
(Wayne): What Does It Mean To Be Born Again?

Lesson Seven                         (4)
Our Lord's Witness

(Kay): The Whys, Wherefores, and Hows of Witnessing
(Wayne): His Glory Still Dwells In Human Flesh

Lesson Eight                           (5)


(Kay): Do You Walk in Total Dependence Upon the Father?
(Wayne): In The Name Of The Lord

Lesson Nine                            (6)

  (Kay): What Are You Seeking in Life: Bread for the Body?
(Wayne): Characteristics Of Unbelieving Disciples

Lesson Ten                             
Jesus' Disciples


(Kay): Disciples- Who, How, Why? Or the True & False
(Wayne): Are All Disciples Christians?



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