Learn to walk in Jesus
as the Light of the World,
and your relationship with Him will become more intimate. 







Lesson One                            (7)

(Kay): Life on a Different Timetable, Different Dimension
(Wayne): You Think You Have Problems!

Lesson Two                         

The Spring Feasts, Pt 1


(Kay): Rejoice! Christ, Your Passover, Has Been Sacrified
(Wayne): Jesus Christ, Our Passover Lamb

Lesson Three                       
The Spring Feasts, Pt 2
  (Kay): Feast of Unleavened Bread to Pentecost
(Wayne): Let's Celebrate Jesus!

Lesson Four                           
The Fall Feasts


(Kay): Sound the Trumpet, Jesus is Coming!
(Wayne): From Trumpets To Tabernacles

Lesson Five                             (8)  
  (Kay): How Awful to Seek After God and Meet the Devil
(Wayne): The Mark Of A Genuine Disciple

Lesson Six                               (9)

  (Kay): Can You See or Has the God of This World Blinded Your Eyes?
(Wayne): When Jesus Comes!

Lesson Seven                       (10)
Study of Sheep


(Kay): O Precious Sheep, Are You in the Fold?
(Wayne): The Good Shepherd
Video (2 min): My Sheep Hear My Voice

Lesson Eight                         (11)


(Kay): Truths That Will Loose Death's Grave Clothes
(Wayne): The Resurrection And The Life



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