Jesus draws His desciples aside
to prepare them for what is to come.
In Chapters 12-21,
Learn about His death, burial, resurrection, and their significance to your salvation.







Lesson One                     

(Kay): Jesus is God, Be Not Afraid
(Wayne): Jesus is God Because...

Lesson Two                         (12) 


(Kay): The Hour Has Come to be Poured Out
(Wayne): We Must Worship Before We Serve

Lesson Three               
Prophecies about Messiah        

  (Kay): Life Out of Death; Light Out of Darkness
(Wayne): Magnificent Manifestations

Lesson Four                        (13)


(Kay): Love Wears a Towel to the Throne
(Wayne): The Servant- Master

Lesson Five                           (14)

  (Kay): What Can You Do When Your Heart is Troubled?
(Wayne): Precious Promises

Lesson Six                           (15)

  (Kay): Fruit- The Inevitable Result of Abiding
(Wayne): Evidence

Lesson Seven                   
Intimacy with God


(Kay): Abiding: That The World May Know That I Love the Father
(Wayne): Are You the Friend of Jesus?

Lesson Eight                         (16)



(Kay): When You are Hated- Remember that You are Chosen
(Wayne): Telling It All

Lesson Nine                         (17)
High Priestly Prayer

  (Kay): O Father, May Your Children Glorify Thee, Pt 1
(Wayne): To God Be the Glory

Lesson Ten                      (18-19)
Events Leading to Crucifixion


(Kay): O Father, May Your Children Glorify Thee, Pt 2
(Wayne): Jesus' Prayer to the Father

Lesson Eleven                      
Death & Burial

(Kay): The Agony & Ecstasy of Calvary
(Wayne): The End that Initiated the Beginning

Lesson Twelve                   (20)


(Kay): What if Jesus Didn't Rise from the Dead?
(Wayne): Evidence that Demands a Verdict

Lesson Thirteen                    (21)

  (Kay): How Do You Follow God When You've Blown It?
(Wayne): Do We Love Jesus?



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