What is true faith? How should you live the Christian life? Each verse of this practical study is alive with instructions, admonition,
and encouragement.
Learn God's principles for dealing with trials, temptations, the tongue,
and the pull of the world.





  PDF: Spine
Article: Recovering the Letter of Jacob by Dr. Michael Brown
List: Memory Verses for PUP James
Timeline: The Early, Early Assemblies of Believers
Timeline: Ya'acov HaTzaddik
Map: The Diaspora
Class Audio: The Life and Times of James the Just

Lesson One                       (1-5)

Chart: Purpose of Ya'acov HaTzaddik
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay): Does Your Christianity Show? (1989)

Lesson Two                     1:1-12


Greek Verbs: Tense, Voice, Mood
Chart: Life of a TRUE Believer
Handout: What Does COVENANT LIFE Look Life?
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay): "The Flesh Connection" in Trials & Temptations (1989)

Lesson Three               1:12-27  


Chart: Two Kinds of Religion
Handout: 5 Crowns for Believers
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay): What Happens When You Yield to Temptation? (1989)

Lesson Four                 2:1-13


Yalkut: Ya'acov & Leviticus
Cultural Context: The Roman World
Chart: Do Justice!
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay): Flee from Anger, Wickedness, Hypocrisy, Partiality (1997)

Lesson Five                  2:14-26


Cultural Context: Gnosticism by Precept Ministries
Shema: Hebraic Approach to Prayer by Dwight Pryor
Prayer: The Shema  
Music Video: Shema by Paul Wilbur   Lyrics
Chart: One God. One Faith.One Message!
Diagram: Gnosticism
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay): Is Your Christianity Worthless or Real? (1989)

Lesson Six                    3:1-18

Article: Putting Out a Tongue of Fire by Lois Tverberg
Thought: True Pearls by J. Vernon McGee
Chiastic Structure of the Book
Chart: Becoming a Teacher?
Focus: Lashon Hora (Evil Speech)
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay): Oh, That Tongue! (1989)

Lesson Seven              4:1-5


Chart: The Fruit - Root - The Fix
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay): Are You Miserable? Do You Make Others Miserable? Check Your Heart (1989)

Lesson Eight               4:6-17


Chart: The FIX: Know Before Whom You Stand
Handout: Pride & Arrogance
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay): Do You Feel Far Away from God and in Conflict with Man? (1989)

Lesson Nine              5:1-12


Chart: Fear of the LORD
Handout: Extra Scriptures
Poem: Topsy Turvy Kingdom of God
Hymn: A Mighty Fortress is Our God
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay): Life's Not Fair..But Be Patient, the Lord is Coming (1990)

Lesson Ten                 5:13-20


Review: Ya'acov & First Century Life
Chart:  Prayer That's REAL!
Prayer: James & The Amidah, Benediction      Full Prayer
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay): Does the Prayer of Faith Always Work? (1990)


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