Problems within the church prompted Jude to preach a strong message about God's judgment of sin.
Did you get the message?
Learn more about the day of judgment in this timely study. .



(Kay): The Bible is Non-Negotiable Truth

Lesson One               (1)

(Kay): Truth is NOT "Relative"


Lesson Two        (1:1-4)
God Keeps,
but Man's Responsibility

(Kay): Deadly Delusions

Lesson Three     (1:5-8)
Perseverance of the Saints
(Kay): Deadly Associations

Lesson Four      (1:9-19)
Can You Recognize the Ungodly?

(Kay): Turning Grace into Licentiousness


Lesson Five       (1:20-25)
My Responsibility
to Contend for the Faith

Chart: Triangle of Tolerance
(Kay): Rescuing the Perishing
Lecture Chart: Timeline


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