The Gospel of Luke
is a walk through events
in Jesus' life.
Watch how the Son of Man, the Savior,
enters the homes of the suffering,
visits tax collectors,
and dines with sinners.
Learn from His words, His walk,
and His relationships with common people what it really means "to follow Him."
Hear what Jesus taught about
the kingdom of God
and how you, today, can be prepared
for the difficult times ahead
and to stand before the Son of Man.




Spine (pdf)
First Lesson
List: Keywords
Word Study: Online Resources
Chart: The Fullness of Time
Audio: Class Discussion
Bible Study "Pledge"
Commentary: Tom Constable's Notes (pdf)
Many Commentaries: Precept Austin

Lesson One                (1)
It's the FULLNESS of Time


Research: Herod & His Sons
Family Tree: HIgh Priests
Research: Jewish Baby Rituals
Article: Could Luke be Jewish?
Music: Magnificat
Chart: Nothing is Impossible with God
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay Notes) The Blessedness of Belief
(David) Our Faith is Built on the Truth of God

Lesson Two  (2-3)
Born for YOU- A Savior!

Paul Washer: (Sound like John's Preaching?)
Chart: Born for You, a Savior!
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) Today There is Born for You a Savior
(David Notes) Not What Was Expected

Lesson Three  (4-5)
What is this Message?

Parable: New Patch, New Wine
Chart: Set the Captives Free!
Chart: Marks of a True Disciple, Disciple-er
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) The Courage Born of Faith    Ms. Abedini
(David Notes) What Will YOUR Response Be?

Lesson Four  ( 6)
Why Do You Call Me LORD,
              and Do NOT Do What I Say?


Chart: Building a Strong Family of God
Audio: Class Discussion
Video: History of Jewish Discipleship David Pileggi
(Kay Notes) Are We Like a True Disciple?
(David) Who Does Jesus Think He Is?

Lesson Five  (7-8)
Where Is Your Faith?


Chart: Learn to Do Good
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) Your Faith Has Saved You
(David Notes) Secret of Good Soil

Lesson Six (9)
Let These Words Sink Into Your Ears


Chart: Learn to Deny Self
Chart: First Century Worldviews
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay Notes) If You Listen, What Will YOU Learn?
(David Notes) ... If You are Going to Follow Jesus

Lesson Seven  (10)
Only One Thing is Necessary

Chart: Learn to "Sit at His Feet"
List: The Book of Life
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay Notes) What Does Loving God Look Like?
(David Notes) Refining Nature of the Kingdom

Lesson Eight (11)


Prayer: The Amidah
Chart: Learn to Confront Error
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay Notes) Religion or a Relationship?
(David) What Must I Consider in Kingdom Selection?

Lesson Nine  (12)


Video: Keep Your Lamps Lit   (3 min)
Video: VOM-Will You Give Me Your Life? (graphic)
Chart: Learn to be Steadfast
Timeline: Gehenna &  Eternal Life
Audio: Class Discussion
(David Notes) Be Ready! Son of Man is Coming

Lesson Ten  (13-14)


Article: Insights into Repentance by Rabbi Chaim Richman
List: Kingdom of God
Article: The Kingdom Song by Dwight Pryor
Chart: Learn to Explain "Gospel of the Kingdom"
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay Notes) What is the Kingdom of God Like?
(David) Very Strong Warnings from Jesus

Lesson Eleven  (15-16)


Chart: Learn to Advance the Kingdom
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay Notes) What was Lost Has Been Found
(David Notes) Repentance, Resources, & Relationship




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