What happens when Jesus,
knowing crucifixion awaits Him,
prepares to enter Jerusalem?
How does He spend those final days?
Handle His adversaries?
What does He teach in the temple?
And just what happens when Jesus dies
and rises from the dead?
These are important facts
we need to know for ourselves,
precepts for life that will prepare us
for what lies ahead,
and equip us to fulfill His calling on our lives. These are truths, prophecies,
that seem ready to rise
on the horizon of history.


  Spine (pdf)
PDF: Lesson 1

Lesson One                                   (17-18:30)

STORY: The "Backstory" of the Leper
List: 7 Types of Pharisees
Chart: Learn to Love God with ALL...
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) The Faith That Makes You Well, Whole
(David Notes) Expectations of the Son of Man

Lesson Two                                (18:31-19)


Chart: Learn to Seek & Save the Lost
Audio: Class Discussion
(David Notes) What Does It Mean to REALLY See Jesus?

Lesson Three                                          (20)


Chart: Pesach: Yeshua's Final Week
Chart: Various Jewish Sects
Chart: Lamb of God- Examined!
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay Notes) Whose Authority Will You Live Under?
(David) Who Is YOUR Authority?

Lesson Four  ( 21)


Timeline: The Temples: Past & Future
List: The Promise: Ingathering of Israel
Chart: The Jewish Wars
Video: Mystery (History) of the Jews (20 min)
Article: "Flee to the Mountains"
Chart: The Olivet Discourse
Audio: Discussion (only partially recorded, battery died)
(Kay Notes) Do You Understand the Times?
(David) Why Does God Tell Us the Future?

Lesson Five  (22)


Chart: God's 7 Appointed Feasts
Article: Four Cups (long, "cups" part starts p. 9)
Scripture: The Hallels, sung after Passover
Music: Passover (Les Miserables) by Maccabeats
Music: Passover Song  by The Fountainheads
Music: Chozen  by Six13
Music: P-A-S-S-O-V-E-R by Six13
Music: Let Them Go (for kids,  from "Frozen")
Chart: Passover Seder's 4 Cups
Audio: Class Discussion(technical difficulty, will recut soon)
(Kay)  Are You Betraying the Son of Man?
(David Notes) The Passover, It's a Victory Meal!

Lesson Six (23)


Infographic: The Sanhedrin
Diagram: The Tabernacle
Chart: Honor & Shame in the Gospel of Luke
Article: Honor-Shame by Doug Greenwold
Chart: Staying "On Mission"...The Last Hours
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay Notes) The Agony and the Ecstasy of the Crucifixion
(David) Who Is This Jesus, and Why the Cross?

Lesson Seven  (24)


Scriptures: Raised on the Third Day
Scriptures: Fulfillled in His Death & Resurrection
Scriptures: Beginning with Moses, He Explained Himself
Music Video: He's Coming Again  by Joshua Aaron
Music Video: Put Your Hand in the Hand    Anne Murray
Chart: He's Alive...Many Convincing Proofs!
REVIEW: THEMES in Gospel of Luke
Audio: Class Discussion
(Kay) Resurrection Power and Giving the Gospel
(David Notes) What Are the Implications of the Resurrection?



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