Who is the promised Messiah,
the King who will
sit on the throne of David?
What is His kingdom?

What is the character
and lifestyle
of those who are a part of this kingdom?

Matthew Part 1
answers these questions
and brings you face-to-face with
the long-awaited  Jewish Messiah.

Walk with Jesus
through the towns
and villages of the Galilee,
see the miracles He performs--
healing the sick,
casting out demons,
calming the seas.
Listen to His teaching
as He explains His kingdom. And then evaluate your life against the standard
Jesus holds high
and ask:
Does my life show
that I'm part of His kingdom?


  Spine   (MS Publisher)
LOGOS 4: Let's Study Matthew!
LOGOS 4: Get to Know YOUR Library
LIST: HEBREW Study Resouces- for the New Testament
Four Gospels: The 4 "Faces" of Jesus

Lesson One   (1-2)
The Setting

Study Tip: 4 Ways the NT Quotes the OT
Chart: Jewish Groups
Chart: The Messiah? Prove It!
Audio    Class Discussion         
Video: The Jewish Jesus: Son of David    (6 min)     
Video: The Star of Jacob     (7 min)             
(David Arthur): Exploring the Theology in Christ's Genealogy

Lesson Two  (3-4)
Repent! For Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

Definition: REPENT
Article: Baptism or Mikveh
Blank HW Chart: "Kingdom of Heaven"
Chart: The Son of God? Prove It!
Powerpoint: Matthew 1-4
(David Arthur): What Does "Repentance" Have To DO?

Lesson Three  (5)
Sermon on the Mount
Kingdom Citizens


Chart: Citizens of The Kingdom? Prove it!     (Pt 1)
Audio: Class Discusion
(David Arthur): Relating "Repentance" to the Kingdom

Lesson Four  ( 6-7)
Right with God
Wiise with Men


Chart: Citizens of The Kingdom? Prove It!     (Pt 2)
Jewish Prayer: The Amidah                             More info
"Judge Not"?
Forgiveness: Healing "The Hurt"
Audio: Class Discusion
(David Arthur): Practicing Your Identity of Righteousness

Lesson Five  (8-10)
Reverse the Curse!

No Cross-References
Chart: Matthew At-A-Glance
The King's Authority, Power

Matthew: The Tax-Collector
Photo: Capernaum, Synagogue
Photo: Capernaum, Peter's House
Map: Galilee Area
Apostles: Do You Know How They Died?

Audio: Class Discusion
(David Arthur): Kingdom Authority Displayed

Lesson Six (11-12)
Initial Rejection

Chart: Come Unto Me!
Audio: Class Discusion
(David Arthur): Messianic Misunderstandings

Lesson Seven  (13)
The Parables

HW: The Kingdom Parables
Chart: Mysteries of the Kingdom
Chart: REVIEW of Matthew, Part 1

Extra: Eternal Furnace of Hell

Ray Comfort: True & False Conversion (Parable of 4 Soils)
 Listening Guide: True & False Conversion
Audio: Class Discusion    (not available...technical difficulty)
(David Arthur): What is the Kingdom of Heaven Like?



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