Live the Christian life joyfully
regardless of people or circumstances!
What is the purpose of suffering
and the Christian perspective on death?
Do I have "the mind of Christ"? Discover true, deep-down joy in your life that the world cannot take away!







Spine (MS Publisher)
Prayer List
PHOTOS of Philippi
Key Greek Words
(Kay): You Can Make It!

Lesson One                         (1-4)
Overview the Book


HW: Overview the AUTHOR
HW: Overview the RECIPIENTS
HW: Overview the KEY WORDS
Rejoice in the LORD Always!
(Kay): Joy, No Matter What

Lesson Two                             (1)
JOY Thief #1: Circumstances
What are YOUR Prisons?


Chart: The Author's Example
Chart: Transformed, Saul to Paul
WHEN: Paul's Epistles Written
(Kay): What Would You Do for the Furtherance of the Gospel?

Lesson Three                          (1)
Walk Worthy




HW: Extra Observation on Paul, Philippians
x-ref: Walk Worthy
Chart: Life Purpose
Doctrine of Eternal Security
Chart: Biblical Timeline
Banner: Walk Worthy
(Kay): The Church- Sinners Made Saints

Lesson Four                            (1)
Bond-servant of Christ?

Chart: Mark of Every Christian
Qualifications of a Church Leader: Elder, Deacon
(Kay): Does God Have Your Ear?

Lesson Five                             (1)
Do You Fear Death?
Filled with the Fruit of Righteousness
(Kay): What Does It Mean...To Die is Gain?

Lesson Six                               (2)
JOY Thief #2: Divisiveness

  HW: Extra Observations
Chart: Unity in the Body
John 17: That They May Be One
(Kay): How Can I Tell if I'm Living for Christ?

Lesson Seven                          (2)
Growth Thru Suffering

X-ref: Suffering
Chart: Gift of Suffering
(Kay): Why Suffering..How Do YOu Handle It?

Lesson Eight                           (2)
Christ: Emptied to Exalted

x-ref: Christ's Humility- Isaiah 53, Ps 22
x-ref: humility
Chart: Humility of Christ
What is the Source of Quarrels Among You?
(Kay): Stress That Comes From Pressure

Lesson Nine                            (2)
No Grumbling
Attitude of Gratitude
(Kay): Stress, How Do You Handle It?

Lesson Ten                              (2)
Paul: Poured Out
            Like a Drink Offering?


x-ref: Day of Christ
Chart: Timeline
Day of Christ vs. Day of the LORD
Hymn: Am I a Soldier of the Cross?
(Kay): How to be Blameless on the Day of Christ

Lesson Eleven                         (3)
JOY Thief #3: Hedonism
What's YOUR Passion?

(Kay): What Will It be Like When You See Him Who Died for You

Lesson Twelve                       (3)
Religion or Relationsip?

Chart: Circumcision
(Kay): Where's Your Confidence..In Flesh or Spirit?

Lesson Thirteen                      (3)
Can You Say, "Follow Me"?
  x-ref: Death to Sin, Self     x-ref: Enemies of the Cross
(Kay): Beware of Dogs, Deeds, Doctrine

Lesson Fourteen                     (3)
Who's the REAL Enemy?
  Chart: Secure Mind
Overview: Stand Firm
Five Crowns for Believers
(Kay): When I Run, I Feel His Pleasure

Lesson Fifteen                         (4)
JOY Thief #4: Worry

x-ref: Anxious for Nothing
Chart: Don't Worry...Praise & Pray!
Biblical "Phone Numbers": 911
(Kay): How NOT to be Thrown by Worry

Lesson Sixteen                        (4)
Battle for the Heart, Mind
  Word Studies: Think On...
Chart: Exalt Christ
Names of God
Music: Let It Be Said of Us
Putting Philippians to Work
Final Prayer
(Kay): Learn How to Handle Your Thoughts, Be Content


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