Jesus' Message to The Church

Chapters 1-3 of Revelation
contain God's messages
to the seven churches of Asia.

See how His messages
recorded by John so long ago
still speak to the church today. 



Kay: Don't Make Any Judgment Until You Know Rest of the Story

Lesson One                  (1)

Kay: The Rest of the Story

Lesson Two                  (1)

Kay: Shortness of Time, Length of Eternity

Lesson Three               (2)

Kay: How Do You Know if You've Left Your First Love? What Do You Do?

Lesson Four                  (2)
Kay: Purpose of Suffering. What To Do?

Lesson Five                    (2)
Kay: Can a Christian Survive the Devil's Den?

Lesson Six              (2 )

Kay: You May Tolerate Sexual Sin, But God Doesn't

Lesson Seven       (3)



Kay: Do You Believe All the Right Things about God, but Still Feel Dead?

Lesson Eight         (3)
Kay: You Have an Open Door, Little Power. Nothing Can Stop You- GO!

Lesson Nine          (3)
Kay: Does Your Life Make God Vomit? My Sin- NO, Your Complacency!

Lesson Ten             (11-12)
Kay: When God Speaks to the Church, What Does He Expect?


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