The focus of chapters 4-22 is the end times.
Through careful observation of the text,
discover exactly what God says will take place.



Lesson One                         


(Kay): You Can Know Things-Shortly to Take Place

Lesson Two                            


(Kay): Testimony of Jesus- Worth Dying For?

Lesson Three                         
  (Kay): Don't Desert Your Post

Lesson Four                       

(Kay): Can You Survive the Difficult Times of the Last Days?

Lesson Five                           
  (Kay): Don't Be Afraid- He's the First, Last

Lesson Six                              

  (Kay): Kinsman-Redeemer, Pt 1

Lesson Seven                     

(Kay): Kinsman-Redeemer, Pt 2

Lesson Eight                          

(Kay): Watch Out..About to Break the Seals

Lesson Nine   (Kay): God Can't Be Tied Up in Neat Little Box

Lesson Ten   (Kay): "Givens", Help Unveil the Timing

Lesson Eleven   (Kay): Two Worlds- Two Women, Pt 1

Lesson Twelve   (Kay): Two Worlds- Two Women, Pt 2



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