Explore the relationship of the book of Revelation to the Gospels --
realize the prophecies and teachings they contain about the last days.



(Kay): Knowing Revelation Takes Away the Fear

Lesson One                    


(Kay): Knowing God & Living Accordingly

Lesson Two                            

(Kay): To Whom Do You Bow?

Lesson Three                        
  (Kay): When Will the Mystery Be Finished?

Lesson Four                       
  (Kay): Date Setting & Return of Christ

Lesson Five                          
  (Kay): Matt 24 & Coming of Son of Man

Lesson Six                              

  (Kay): When Does the Tribulation Begin?

Lesson Seven                        
  (Kay): Why is it so Important to Understand the Jew?

Lesson Eight                          
  (Kay): Is God Finished with the Jews?

Lesson Nine   (Kay): This Land is Your Land...Forever!

Lesson Ten   (Kay): What Happened to OT Promises Regarding Israel?

Lesson Eleven   (Kay): A Prophecy Regarding Israel: The Beginning of the End



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