Passages concerning biblical prophecy,
especially from the Old Testament,
are included in this final study of Revelation
to complete your study of eschatology.



(Kay): Where Are the Leaders who are Valiant for Absolute Truth?

Lesson One                         


(Kay): The LORD is Returning- Count on It!

Lesson Two                       

(Kay): Are the Events of Revelation Past? Now? Future?

Lesson Three                      
  (Kay): Don't Be Misled by Devil's Anti-Christ

Lesson Four                     

(Kay): When REAL Anti-Christ Comes

Lesson Five                            
  (Kay): When Will Anti-Christ Appear?

Lesson Six                              

  (Kay):The Devil's Beauty & Beast

Lesson Seven                        

(Kay):Who is the Great Harlot, Babylon?

Lesson Eight                       

(Kay): Day of the LORD is Coming

Lesson Nine   (Kay): Where Will Church Be on Day of the LORD?

Lesson Ten   (Kay): Armageddon, What? When?

Lesson Eleven   (Kay): When Jesus Returns, Where will Church Be?

Lesson Twelve   (Kay): Where is the Church in Book of Revelation?

Lesson Thirteen   (Kay): Where is Church in 1,000 Year Reign

Lesson Fourteen
  (Kay): Events That Follow His Coming



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