Take the mystery out of the Book of Revelation.

By letting the text
speak for itself,
you'll discover that you really can comprehend
the events surrounding
the end of this age.







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Table of Contents
Bookmark- Key Words
Schools of Interpretation: Literal vs. Non-Literal
Revelation & the Hebrew Aleph-Bet
My Questions

Lesson One                                 (1)
Overview:of Revelation

Chapter One: Big Picture
At-A-Glance Chart
Chart: Blessed Tri-Unity
MAP: 7 Churches
Homework for L-2: Instructions to the Churches

Lesson Two                                 (2)
Letters to...


Ephesus: x-ref
Chart: 7 "Ekklesias"
EPHESUS- The Slipping Church
SMYRNA- How to Handle Persecution
5 Crowns for Believers
PERGAMUM-Worldly Church
Homework for L-3-Jesus' Promise to Overcomers

Lesson Three                              (3)
Letters to...
  Those Who Overcome 


History of 7 Cities
Application: Yardstick Chart
Promises to Overcomers
Jesus Ehorts...Winners!

                       CHURCH HISTORY
Timeline: 7 Periods of Church History
EPHESUS :         Timeline                "Apostolic Age"
SMYRNA:             Timeline                "Age of Persecution"
PERGAMUM:       Timeline                "Age of Constantine"
                                                                Major Edicts
THYATIRA:           Timeline               
                               Bright Lights   
SARDIS:               Timeline                "The Reformation"
PHILADELPHIA: Timeline                "Age of Reason"
                              Evangelists     Missionaries      Cults
LAODICEA:          Timeline                "Age of Apostasy"
                              Evangelists             Post-Modernism

Lesson Four                             (4-5)

God's Throne Room   

Tabernacle: Earthly & Heavenly
Worship in Heaven
Four Faces of Jesus Christ
Word Study: Worship
Marks of a True Worshiper
Rainbow of... The Word?
Hymn: Holy-Holy-Holy
Hymn: I Surrender All
Homework for L-5: Seven Seals, Trumpets, Bowls
Homework for L-5: 144,00 vs. Great Multitude

Lesson Five                              (6-7)
Breaking the Seals


REVIEW: 70 Weeks of Daniel
REVIEW: Olivet Discourse: The Tribulation
Timeline: Breaking the Seals
Homework for L-6: Those Who Dwell on the Earth

Lesson Six                              (8-10)
Trumpets: Woe, Woe, Woe  


Chart: Sounding the Trumpets           Key
Possible Timeline #1: Seals & Trumpets
Possible Timeline #2: Seals & Trumpets
The Abyss- 6 "Compartments" of Death

Lesson Seven                     (11-12)
Satan Cast Down to Earth


Lesson 7-- x-ref
Two Witnesses & Satan's Great Wrath
Precept's Timeline: Rev 11-12-13
Homework for L-8: Who Are the Two Beasts?

Lesson Eight                       (13-14)
Mark of the Beast

Rev 14, x-ref    
Chart: More Events of Last Trumpets
MAP: 200 mile march
Picture: Dragon, 2 Beasts
Video: Mark of the Beast & Islam

Lesson Nine                        (15-16)
Seven Bowls of God's Wrath

Seals, Trumpets, & BOWLS
The Song of Moses & of the Lamb

Gradual Implementation of Judgment
Map-Blank Timeline
HW for L-10: Who is Babylon?

Lesson Ten                          (17-18)
Babylon, The Great Harlot
                who Rides the Beast


Chart: WHO is The Beast?
Babylon: Religious Past
Timeline: Babylon, Thru the Ages
List: WHO is Babylon?
PowerPoint: U.S. Marines in Babylon

HW Chart for L-11: Jesus' Return
HW L-11 x-ref: Second Coming of Christ
HW: Marriage of the Lamb

Lesson Eleven                          (19)

When Jesus Comes Again


MAP: Campaign of Armageddon
Hallelujah, The Return of The King!
Revelation & Jewish Wedding Customs
Chart: Fall Feasts Fulfilled in Messiah
Timeline: Eschatology of Jewish Feasts

HW: x-ref for L-12
HW: Resurrections & Judgments
HW: Millennial Timeline
HW: Life in the Millennial Kingdom

Lesson Twelve                   (20)
Jesus Returns & Reigns
Satan Defeated

Timeline: Millennial Reign
Timeline: 3 Judgments
Timeline: Resurrection
Timeline: Satan, Lake of Fire

VIDEO: "Lake of Fire"

HW for L-13: x-ref, First Heaven, First Earth Passed Away
HW: What Will Be Missing in Heaven?

Various Views of Revelation


Glossary: End-Times
Glossary: Theology
Four Views of the Millenial Reign
HW: Millennium Views
HW: Rapture Views

Rapture Viewpoints
An Answer to Preterism

Lesson Thirteen                  (21-22)
What Will Heaven Be Like?


Timeline: Blank
Seven "Blesseds" of Revelation

Final Instructions to the Church
Ten Action Points of the Rapture


Websites of Interest
Artwork: Revelation Illustrated (pics & video)
Who's Who in Bible Prophecy



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