All have sinned.
There is none righteous.
We are declared righteous
by God only by faith
in the blood of His Son.
Romans 1-5 explains
the foundational doctrines
of our faith -
original sin, justification, redemption, and propitiation. Gain an excellent grasp
of the doctrine of salvation!







Lesson One                         (1-16)
Overview: Chapter Themes


(Kay): The World of Jesus and Paul

Lesson Two                         (1-16)
Overview: Segment Divisions, Purpose, Setting


(Kay): Paul...Set Apart for the Gospel

Lesson Three                          (1)
Overview: Chapter 1
Preaching the Gospel


(Kay): The Setting and Overview of Romans

Lesson Four                            (1)
Essentials of the Gospel
Deity & Resurrection of Christ

(Kay): The Gospel: Promised in the Old Testament

Lesson Five                             (1)
Righteous & Un-righteous

  (Kay): The Exultation of the Incarnate Son of God

Lesson Six                               (1)
Salvation & The Heathen

  (Kay): Are You Under Obligation or a Debtor to Preach the Gospel?

Lesson Seven                          (2)
Judgment of God

(Kay): God's Righteousness or His Wrath? The Choice is Yours

Lesson Eight                            (2)
Personal Salvation

(Kay): Given Over by God, Judged by God

Lesson Nine                             (3)
The Law
  (Kay): What About the Jew? The Religious Man?

Lesson Ten                               (3)
Doctrines of Salvation:
Redemption, Proptiation, Justification, Imputation

(Kay): The Drama of Justification

Lesson Eleven                          (4)
Justification by Faith


(Kay): The Drama of Redemption and Propitiation

Lesson Twelve                         (4)
Righteousness of God

(Kay): Faith Reckoned as Righteousness

Lesson Thirteen                       (5)
Adam & Jesus
  (Kay): The Thoroughness of a Much More Salvation

Lesson Fourteen             (5:1-11)
Perseverence of Faith
  (Kay): Exulting in Hope and in Tribulation



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