Free from the guilt and power of sin, but what about the flesh? Discover how justification by faith relates to day by day living through the Holy Spirit's power -- the amazing process of sanctification


  (Kay Notes): Summary or Romans 5

Lesson One                        (5)

  (Kay Notes): Overview of Romans 1-5

Lesson Two                       (5) 
Depravity of Man
Doctrine of Reconcilliation

  Music: Who Am I?
(Kay Notes)
: Two Heads, Two Trees, Two Reigns

Lesson Three                        (6)
  (Kay): Baptism, Baptised into His Death

Lesson Four                          (6)
  (Kay): My Body, No Longer an Istrument of Sin

Lesson Five                         (7)     
  (Kay): Joined to Christ: Brings Righteousness, Not Sin

Lesson Six                            (7) 

  (Kay): The Christian's Relationship to Law

Lesson Seven                        (7)
  (Kay): The Law Cannot Sanctify

Lesson Eight                 (8:1-17)
  (Kay): New Relationship Through the Spirit

Lesson NIne                 (8:18-39)
  (Kay): No Condemnation, No Separation



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