God doesn't go back on His promises. He can always be trusted. Romans 9 -- 11 is an extended discussion of the subject of God's sovereignty -- election, predestination, and responsibility -- focusing on His choice of Israel and His faithfulness to His covenant. 



Lesson One                        

  (Kay): Summary of Romans 1-8

Lesson Two                           
  (Kay): How Do You KNow if Spirit Dwells in You?

Lesson Three                      
  (Kay): May Suffer, But Sovereign God Controls All

Lesson Four                        
  (Kay): Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Lesson Five                          
  (Kay): God Has Mercy on Whom He Will

Lesson Six                              

  (Kay): Role of Sovereignty, Free Will in Salvation

Lesson Seven               
  (Kay): Must Jesus Be LORD and Savior?

Lesson Eight                 
  (Kay): Israel's Rejection is Your Salvation


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