The righteous shall live by faith! Do you live out your faith? What practical things can you do to show that you have been justified? Romans 12 -- 16 are very practical chapters! You will learn how redemption, justification, and propitiation enable you to live righteously as you serve God. 



(Kay): Gospel: The Power of God for Salvation

Lesson One              


(Kay): Review of Romans 1-8

Lesson Two            

(Kay): True Worship

Lesson Three           
  (Kay): Roots of Right Thinking

Lesson Four                 

(Kay): Stewardship of Love

Lesson Five                 
  (Kay): Consecrations, Love, & Obedience

Lesson Six                    

  (Kay): Do's Don'ts, Differences (13-14)

Lesson Seven              

(Kay): Do's Don'ts, Differences (14-15)

Lesson Eight                     

(Kay): Ministers of Christ (15-16)



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