How do you live with integrity in a nation without morals? Can the church effectively engage and change this destructive condition in our society?
How does your life reflect your faith?
You can change the culture into which God has called you. .

Titus is a 3-week powerhouse of biblical truth!
The practical applications
in this letter simply
leap off the page.
Got some long-time students looking for a challenge?
Buy 'em dinner if they memorize the whole book!"

Pam Gillespie, author of "Sweeter than Chocolate!" Inductive study series



(Kay) What Happens to Character When Truth Perishes

Lesson One            (1-3)

No Cross-References in this lesson
(Kay Notes): Why Am I What I Am?
(Wayne)- Turning the Upside Down Rightside Up


Lesson Two       
The Rebellious & The Godly

(Kay Notes): Have You Considered Your Future?
(Wayne): Taking a Spiritual Check Up

Lesson Three    
Sound Doctrine & Good Deeds
(Kay Notes): Has Your Grace Channel Gotten Clogged?
(Wayne): Evidence of Being Sound



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