What is your purpose?
God is always working
in the affairs of His creation, even when we are unaware. This study shows us how Esther attained royalty
to fulfill God's purpose
in her life
and the lives of His people.
Can God use you
"for such a time as this"? 

See how God puts
ordinary people,
both men and women,
in extraordinary circumstances to accomplish His purposes.

-Tommye Hammel,
Precept's Ministry


Spine (MS Publisher)

Lesson One                    (1-2)
Context of the Story

Historical Background: Battle of Themopylae (300)

(Kay): The God Who Sees Was at the Banquest. & Had a Queen in MInd
(David): How Do We Study a Story Like Esther?


Lesson Two                    (3-4)
The Plot Thickens


(Kay): For This Reason...For Such a Time As This
(David): For Such a Time as This? For Me?

Lesson Three                 (5-7)

No Cross-Reference for this Lesson

(Kay): God in the Shadows
(David): Where is God in Esther?


Lesson Four                 (8-10)
Two Edicts


(Kay): Rest from Your Enemies
(David): Turning the Tables of Justice...An Event Worth Celebrating!
Music Video: Purim Song by the Maccabeats
Video: The Book of Esther Goes Western (4:41 min)


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