Starting Over?
How to Keep Going
wien all of life seems to come against you!

You can trust God.
Experience what it's like
when God places His hand
on the lives of His people
in Ezra and Haggai
to prove He is
the promise- keeping God.

This short study is great for both new and experienced Precept Upon Precept leaders and groups.

Ezra was a man
who set his heart
to study the law of the Lord, practice it and teach it.
My heart is the same.
What better way to know
God's word than to study Precept Upon Precept?
Then to be able to disciple others with His word!
Doesn't get much better
than that!

-Beverly Mealor,
Precept Ministries



OT Bookshelf: Where is EZRA? Haggai?
Calendar of Israel

EZRA for Kids

Lesson One               (Ezra 1-3)
Does God Keep His Promises?

Chart: The God Who Restores
Timeline: Return to The Land

Lesson Two        (Ezra 4-6)
Why So Much Opposition
When We Follow His Direction?

Kings of Medo-Persia: Cyrus - Artaxerxes
Map: The People of The Land
Timeline: Rebuild the Temple

Lesson Three     (Haggai)
Back to Work!
Chart: Consider Your Ways
Kings of Judah: Zerubbabel's Lineage
House(s) of the LORD
LIfe Lessons from Haggai by Sheila Breazeale

Lesson Four       (Ezra 7-8)
Learning from Life, Lineage of Ezra

Chart: Ezra's Priestly Pedigree
Chart: Set Your Heart to Study God's Word
Chart: When Ezra Preached the Law (Nehemiah)
Chart: Evolution of Judaism

Lesson Five        (Ezra 9-10)
Open Shame:
When God's People
Forsake His Commands

Chart: You are HOLY to the LORD (& Course Summary)
Flowchart: Church Discipline
Chart: Memorize the 10 Commandments


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