The Law









Twelve Tribes, Throughout the Bible
Twelve Tribes, by Mother
Twelve Tribes, Birth Order
Twelve Tribes, Who Received Land Allotments
VIDEO: Jerusalem, 4000 years in 5 minutes
PDFIsrael's Geography, Politics, Zionism, History, People, Culture

The Law:  Moral Code Memorizing the Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments in the NT
Examining Myself in LIght of the Ten Commandments
Cajun Ten Commandments
3-Fold Division of the Law
Covenantal vs. Dispensational Theology

The Law: Spiritual Code

The Tabernacle


The Temples


The Priests

The Blessings


Tabernacle                                                       (Temple Institute)
Tabernacle: The Cross

First, Second, Third Temples
How the Wailing Wall was Built                     (video vignettes)
The Kotel (Wailing Wall )    Live Web Cam   (Use Internet Explorer)

Priestly Garments                                            (Temple Institute)
Picture: Breastplate of the High Priest

Aaronic Blessing

Hebrew Blessings

The Feasts 

Hebrew Calendar
Spring & Fall Feasts

Passover Seder: Four Cups
Shavuoth- Pentecost: Count the Omer
PowerPoint: Yom Kippur
          Slide Show: Yom Kippur                           (Temple Institute)

Photo: Red Heifer


VIDEO- Truth or Tradition: FALSE Feasts of Christmas, Easter, etc    (1 hr, 24 min)
  Handout:             Origin of Babylon
  Handout:             Canaanite Parthenon
  PowerPoint:        Babylon, Mother of Harlots 


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