Moses led the people faithfully for forty years. They are now ready to enter the land of promise, and through Moses God tells His children how to live in that land.

Discover what God expects of believers
and how we should live as His children in the world today.



  PDF: Spine for Binder
Keyword Bookmarks
The Value of Deuteronomy
Structure of a Suzerainty Treaty
Chart: Orientation

Lesson One           (1-4)
(Setting) & Know Your God

Homework Aid
Prophetic Roadmap
Twelve Tribes
Cousins in the Middle East
(Kay Notes): What Does God Require of You?

Lesson Two          (5-8)
Hear & Listen & Keep

Mt Sinai: Saudi Arabia


Homework Aid
Chart: Law's Commands
Chart: God's Goodness

Mezuzah: Shema Yisrael
Warning Sign
Article: In Appreciation of  the ACLU
(Kay Notes) What Keeps Me from Loving God as I Should?

Lesson Three       (9-11)
Love Your God
(Kay Notes):  What Happens to the Rebellious, Stiff-Necked?

Lesson Four       (12-16)
Worship Your God

(Kay): How is God to be Worshiped?

Lesson Five        (17-21)
A Godly Nation
Capital Punishment
Discernment: Intro: Tempting the Church to Talk to the Dead
Discernment: Do the Dead Communicate with the Living- Part 1
                               Normalizing Necromancy
Discernment: Do the Dead Communicate with the Living- Part 2
                               The "Canaaniztion" of the Church
(Pete) What Does the LORD Require of You?

Lesson Six          (22-26)
Giving Him First Fruits

The Tithe
(Kay) What Happened to the Sanctity of Marriage, Sex, & Family?

Lesson Seven  (27-30)
Blessings, Curses
A New Covenant

Signs: Mountain
(Kay) What are God's People So Despised?

Lesson Eight   (31-34)
Be Strong & Courageous

Chart: Moses Lessons on Leadership
Moses: Rock Singer
Twelve Tribes
The Law & The Heart
Wrap Up Deuteronomy
(Kay) Whatever Your Predicament, Today's the Day of Salvation
Certificate: Reverse Side



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