Watch Moses develop as a leader.

See God deliver His people by judging their enemies.

Learn powerful truths about His ways.

A remarkably practical study of deliverance, redemption, the Law, and the Tabernacle.








  PDF: Spine for Binder
PDF: Lesson One
Key Word Bookmark (front)
Key Word Bookmark (back)
Prayer List
Application Chart
Recommend Showing "Exodus Revealed" DVD
PowerPoint: Summary of Exodus Crossing

Lesson One                       (1-3)
Setting:The Promise

x-ref: Land, Covenant
x-ref: Moses
Application: The People of Exodus
(Kay): God-The Deliverer for Those in Bondage
Pete): Prince of Egypt

Lesson Two                       (4-7)
Knowing God

x-ref: I Am
Course Overview
Angel of the LORD
(Kay): When We Fail, He's Still I AM
(Pete): The Name of God
Chart (Pete): The Name of God

Lesson Three                  (7-10)
Plagues 1-9

Homework Help for Lesson 3
Plagues & Gods
(Kay): Beware of a Hardened Heart
Lecture Notes (Kay): Beware of a Hardened Heart
(Pete): Signs & Wonders

Lesson Four                  (11-13)
The Exodus

Hebrew Calendar
Music: When I See the Blood
(Kay): Redeemed from Slavery by a Lamb
(Pete): Christ, Our Passover

Lesson Five                   (14-16)
Difficult Circumstances

x-ref: Manna
Video: Manna Mystery Solved?
Jesus is the Manna
It Would Have Been Enough
MAP: New Mt. Sinai
Video: God of the Mountain (2 HRS)   by Jim & Penny Caldwell
Music: In the Wilderness
PPT- One Slide
(Kay): Frightened? Facing a Red Sea?
(Pete): Tried & Tested

Lesson Six                     (17-18)

Psalm 83
Cousins in the Middle East
Theophanies, Types, Symbols
(Kay): Amelek, Ever-Present Battle! Assured Victory!
(Pete): Rock of Ages

Lesson Seven               (19-20)
Ten Commandments

x-ref #1                  x-ref #2
Chart: Ten Commandments
Chart: God's Law & The Christian
Chart: Fear of the LORD
Ten Commandments in the NT
Examine Myself in the Light of the Ten Commandments
Different "Ten"s
Memorizing the Ten Commandments
Prayer for America
Cajun Ten Commandments
(Kay): Why Commandments When We Can't Keep Them?
(Pete): Law & Order

Lesson Eight                 (21-24)
The Ordinances

Homework: Ordinances & the Law
Video: Sabbath Year (Letting the Land Rest, 2014-2015)
Covenant vs. Dispensational Theology
(Kay): The Covenants of Our Salvation
(Pete): Covenant

Lesson Nine                  (25-31)
Tabernacle, Priests
The Tabernacle: a Picture of Jesus, Pattern in Heaven
Transparency: Plan of the Tabernacle
Transparency: Plan of the Tabernacle (Precept)
Prayer: The Tabernacle
Picture: Breastplate
Units of Money, Weight
Hymn: Trust & Obey
(Kay): Worship God, His Way
(Pete): God With Us

Lesson Ten                   (32-33)
Golden Calf

Handout: 13 Attributes of God's Mercy
Is Your Name in The Book?
(Kay): God & The Golden Calf
(Pete): The Golden Calf

Lesson Eleven              (34-40)
LORD Dwells with His People
Shekinah Glory
Can Man See God & Live?
I am the LORD: I Will
Music: A Face that Shone
(Kay): If Your Presence Doesn't Go with Me...
(Pete): A People for God's Own Possession


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