Abraham was called
"the friend of God."
What can you learn from him that will ground your faith, challenge your walk,
give you hope for the future?.


Orientation   Spine (MS Publisher)
Significance of Names in Genesis
APPLICATION: How Can I Become the Faithful Friend of God
Prayer Request Sheet

Lesson One    (11-14)
The Setting
  God's Progressive Dealings with Abraham
God Progressively Reveals Himself
Picture: Abraham Believed
(Kay): One Simple Act of Obedience
(David Lawson): Separate Yourself from Everything but God

Lesson Two         (15)

New Covenant v. Two Ditches
PICTURE: Covenant
God's Attributes: Inward
God's Atributes: Toward His Creation
(Kay):  Abrahamic Covenant
(David Lawson): Covenant

Lesson Three (16-18)
Wait Upon the LORD

CHART: Difficult Times
CHART: Wait Upon the LORD
Cross-References: Famine
MUSIC: They Call Him Laughter
MUSIC: El Shaddai
(Kay):  Leaving God Out of the Equation?
(David Lawson): Helping God


Lesson Four   (18-19)

What the Bible Says About Sodom
What the Bible Says About Homosexuality
Cross-References: Men of Sodom
Cross-References: Walking with God
Organizations Offering Hope for Homosexuality
Archaeology: New Location Discovered for Sodom (2011)
(Kay): Who Sets the Moral Code?
(David Lawson): Is Homosexuality Wrong?

Lesson Five    (20-21)
Principles of Faith
A Woman Strengthened by God
(Kay): Being a Friend of God
(David Lawson): Saved by Faith, Walk by ....

Lesson Six (22,23,25)
A Faith That Works
Words for Worship
Cave of Machpelah
VIDEO: Cave of Machpela
HYMN: I Surrender All
(Kay): Clutching or an Open Hand?
(David Lawson): What Do You Really Want?


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