Have you ever been falsely accused
or suffered from injustice?
This study of Joseph is your manual for handling these painful situations.
Learn how to rise above difficulties by trusting God.



Spine (MS Publisher)
Lecture Titles
Prayer Request Sheet
Timeline of the Old Testament

Lesson One             (37)
Shattered Dreams

x-ref: Adultery
x-ref: Persecution
(Kay): God WILL Accomplish His Plans
(David Lawson): A Man Used by God


Lesson Two        (39-41)
Keeping My Focus

CHART: God's Character
x-ref:God's Attribtutes
(Kay): How Do You Handle Rejection?
(David Lawson): How Do YOU Deal with Difficulties?

Lesson Three     (42-45)
Coming to Repentance
  Homework Chart: Famine
MAP: Egypt's Natural Resources
MAP: Site Names
Application: How Do I Respond to Difficult Circumstances
(Kay): Preparing for the Future
(David Lawson): How to Respond to a Family that Hurt You

Lesson Four       (46-50)
Receiving the Blessing

x-ref: Walking with God
x-ref: Forgiveness
CHART: Joseph's Walk
CHART: The Blessing of the Twelve
LIST: Twelve Tribes, as listed throughout the Bible
(Kay): Guilt and Forgiveness
(David Lawson): God Has a Plan



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