-- What do sacrifices, priesthoods, and feasts teach us about how we can be holy and worship God properly? This excellent study will help you understand the relationship between the Old and New Testaments..


Lecture Notes courtesy of
Anne LeGare



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Lecture Titles
The Torah
Comparing Exodus & Leviticus
"Must Know" Bible Words

       Lesson One                          (1-7)
       How to Approach a Holy God




Jesus in the Sacrifices, Our Response

Burnt Offering       Grain Offering
Guilt Offering        Peace Offering    Sin Offering
"Atonement"     "Required"       "Sweet Aroma"
Sacrifices Chart- Filled In
Lecture Notes: Approaching a Holy God?
(Kay): Approaching a Holy God

       Lesson Two                       (8-10)
       Honor Me before Men: Priests

x-ref # 1        x-ref #2          x-ref #3
Descendants of Levi
Article: DNA of the Aaronic Priesthood
Lecture Notes:Fire From God- What's the Message?
(Kay): Fire From God- What's the Message?

       Lesson Three                  (11-15)
       Be Holy, for I am Holy

Seven Principles of Healthcare
(Kay): What Difference Does Holiness Make?

       Lesson Four                    (16-17)
       Day of Atonement

Chart: Yom Kippur (Old, New Covenants)
Chart: What Did Messiah Accomplish?
Picture: What Do You Do with Guilt?
Prayers of Repentance
Lecture Notes: Peace, The Release of Being Forgiven
(Kay): Peace, The Release of Being Forgiven

       Lesson Five                     (18-22)
       Leviticus: Today's Issues

Law: Capital Punishment
The Cremation Question
Photo: Tattoos
Photo: Altar of Molech
Lecture Notes: When a Nation Loses the Fear of God
(Kay): When a Nation Loses the Fear of God

      Lesson Six                       (23-24)
       The Feasts: A Prophetic View

Chart: Eschatology
Chart: Eschatology- Filled In
Chart: Eschatology, plain
Feasts of Israel
Lecture Notes Come Celebrate the Feasts
(Kay): Come Celebrate the Feasts

       Lesson Seven                 (25-27)
        Live Securely in the Land

Review: Leviticus
(Kay): What if God Ruled?


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